HTML5 and Limited Area Announce. HTML5化と夏イベのアナウンス北ーーーー

HELLO Admirals!
its announcemnt summer event!

currently we are ready to release of Kancolle 2nd Phase (on HTML5)[Block-1]
this modify release on August 1H.
we will watch on this revision, and few time after release to Limited Area as HTML5.
check it!

it have some bugs and some trouble.
but we and offical as a Fellow at Kancolle.
Let's believe the officer without being impatient.


its story about SUZUTSUKI.(jpn/us kancolle trivia) 涼月さんのトリビアまとめ。(長文)


fishing is my favorite some piece of hobby.
There is a place called warship Breakwater in Wakamatsu in Kitakyushu.
SUZUTSUKI appearing in KanColle is sleeping at that place.
I want to go someday.

SUZUTSUKI is Mention FUYUTSUKI and other AKITSUKI-type DD in the game.
There is a reason for that, so I will try translating SUZUTSUKI's trivia today.

first time, please see ENG Kancolle Wiki's trivia.

Her name means "Clear Moon (in Autumn)".
Suzutsuki was revealed with accompanying character illustration at the 4th Kancolle Naval Review on 16 September 2017.
Suzutsuki later participated in the ill-fated Operation Ten-Go.(天号作戦)
Suzutsuki was one of the few ships to survive the ordeal despite extensive damage, alongside Hatsushimo, Yukikaze and Fuyuzuki.
After the war, her hull, along with the hulls of another two destroyers Fuyuzuki and Yanagi (the one built in 1917, not the one built in 1945),
was used as part of a breakwater (known as the "Military Ship Breakwater (軍艦防波堤)" in Japan)
in Wakamatsu port in northern Kyushu which is now part of Kitakyushu city.
Due to extensive repair works after a typhoon damaged the breakwater in 1961,
the hulls of Suzutsuki and Fuyuzuki are completely underground today (hence the name "Entombed Anti-Air Guardian Princess" for her Abyssal counterpart).
Along with Shimakaze, Amatsukaze, Akizuki, Teruzuki and Hatsuzuki, she is one of 6 Destroyers with "sentient turrets".

src :http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Suzutsuki

that breakwater major fishing point in kita-kyushu.

BTW japanese wiki's trivia hevy writting.
please see here
I will translate this huge amount of text.
I am pleased if you get to like her by knowing her history.

Commissioned and into a site of a hard fought battle.

she is Akitsuki-type DD No3.
Her construction was done at Mitsubishi Nagasaki Shipyard. It is the same building as her older sister 'TERUTSUKI'.
However, 'TERUTSUKI' which was born about 4 months earlier than SUZUTSUKI was
sunk on the battle of Solomon about 2 weeks before completion of 'SUZUTSUKI', and
there was no opportunity to fight together till the end.
her youger sister HATSUZUKI was born on 1942-12-29.
SUZUTSUKI and HATSUZUKI are work on a some mission together.
thier like a twins.
Her name means "Clear Moon (in Autumn)".
After the launch of Musashi at the 2nd shipyard, started construction of two AKITSUKI-type DD from two weeks later.
Meanwhile at the next to shipyard was building Miss. HYAHHA, she was under construction to be a luxury liner.
(Maybe Musashi and Mom can say it together?)

Incidentally, after the launch of TERUTSUKI, the her young sister's SHINGETSU starts building,
and after the launch of SUZUTSUKI, will build a WAKATSUKI who will take action with destroyers Corps 61.
after launched suzutsuki is transer to 61st DD corped
The 61th Destroyer was a Destroyer corps specialized in anti air craft battle that was organized by elder sister Akizuki and TERUTSUKI.
However, both AKIZUKI and TERUZUKI were so popular for Solomon's fierce fight, and at last there were never met two sisters until TeRUZUKI sank.
akizuki was acting in the Solomon area when suzutsuki and his colleagues were transferred to the 61th Destroyer.
Since suzutsuki and hatsuzuki also had practice training until march,Three vessels could not act together.
On January 16 suzutsuki is join in 61th DD corps, the next day Suzutsuki encountered a US submarine "Haddock"
that is levitating off in the coast of SHIONO, a bombing strike along with the HATSUZUKI,
which was the first actual battle of the two sisters (Haddock escaped success ).
On 22nd March, after training, suzutsuki HATSUZUKI and KAGEROU sailed after escorting the second aerial squadron (HIYOU, JUNYOU) and the second flight team, and arrives at Truck Islands on the 27th
However, her sister 's Akizuki got serious damage by a torpedo strike by a US submarine on January 19 off Bougainville Island.
Akizuki decided to go through saipan to back japan in order to repair.
but due to deterioration of the damaged part in Saipan, the hull becomes broken at 6 degrees inclination.
This caused Akizuki to repair at Saipan with emergency repair, and SUZUTSUKI could not meet akizuki again.
Her sister is going to repair the urgent in Saipan, and she becomes the commander destroyer of the 61th Destroyer instead,
and she will escort the transportation mission in the direction of Solomon in April.
In May, he served as a guardian of the same dock-born battleship Musashi with the task of carrying the
remains of Commander Secretary General Yamamoto, who was killed in battle.
In June he is also serving as the 10th Squadron flagship.
On October 31, Akizuki who completed repair was rejoin into 61th Destroyer.
Akizuki joined on December and SUZUTSUKI and HATSUZUKI were able to meet AKIZUKI. It seems that timing was bad for them to meet.
Since her sister WAKATSUKI also joined in June, the 61st SDF will be the original four-party system.
But in January 1944 the big crisis comes to her.

she Cutting the bow two time.

On January 16, 1944, when participating in the 2nd Wake Island transport as an AkagiMaru escort,
two hit by a torpedo strike by US submarine Sturgeon in the west of Kochi and Okinoshima.
To the bad it ignited the bulletproof chamber.It was a tremendous explosion.
hatsuzuki was misidentified as "suzutsuki explosion sink".
The power of the explosion was tremendous, in a moment it was enough to lose off and destroy
both the second turret at the ship's neck and the bridge bridge and around the rudder of the aft.
Of course, the bridge was also damaged, only the central part of the bridge bridge was floating,
and even the crew became completely transformed to despair.
that crew said "like a DARUMA", "nothing"
As HATSUZUKI suppressed the submarines around her, they called out "SUZUTSKI GANBARE, SUZUTSUKI GANBARE" with a hand flag signal and kept encouraging.
She barely managed to get back to the dock.
When she entered the harbor, HATUZUKI crew prepared a hearty handful of rice and miso soup in the suzutsuki crew. they was impressed by This meal. They thanked tears and thanked to them.
in this time damaged was very enormous, Nearly officer was KIA.
this time suzutsuki's crew in 206 persons have. in number of 89 person is army.it was serious Catastrophe.
Transportation mission will be canceled immediately, hatsuzuki will By the skin of my teeth evacuated tow the central part of the surviving suzutsukito SUKUMO-bay.
After that, she borrowed into Kure with the help of various people's hands and fishing boats
This episode is that demonstrates that akizuki-type DD design shows high survivability.
(The reason why it did not sink is thought to be because the bulkhead of the first can chamber showed the strength as designed.)
Although she lost nearly half of her own hull, suzutsuki managed to recover by a semi-annual large-scale construction of building a loss department and joining it.
For this restoration, the bow was attached to the linear type which simplified the design similar to the FUYUTSUKI type which is the mass production akizuki type at wartime.
In addition, the bridge has also become a linear shape, but in reality it does not match any of the AKIZUKI type, FUYUTSUKI type, and MANGETSU type bunkets that are so angular.
It is said that although it is said to be the design diversion of KIYOTSUKI type, it is said that it is said that it is said to be the last stage type which is not completed in one article.
This made SUZUTSUKI have a distinctive appearance different from any sister's ship.
Because of this damage SUZUTSUKI could not participate in the battle off the coast of Mariana which occurred in June.
On July 10, SUZUTSUKI again joined.
After training in the Seto Inland Sea she will bring the transportation mission with wakatsuki on 16th October.
At this time, more ordeals have come to her.
Too bad time, when she received an order that was in the middle of the war with
Formosa Air Battle.
In addition, it was stated in the plan that under the heavy weather the most dangerous bungo water pass, passing at night.
Their 61th DD corps furiously protested to the fleet headquarters because of the recklessness of the plan, but this shipping orders did not cover.
On 16th October, two shots were hit by a torpedo strike by US submarine Besgo off Miyazaki Prefecture ISEKI Cape.
One of the vicinity of the bridge that have fortunate it was unexploded, but another one exploded which was again at the ship's bow.
They were as expected.
The part from the tip of the newly-formed ship's bow to the point just before the turret was removed without mercy and turned back to the dock at the first mission after returning
Although suzutsuki and her sisters discovered the existence of Besgo in the reverse search, the discovery of torpedo streak was delayed due to bad weather as the concern of advance.
In addition, it is said that "There is no torpedo strike if this bad weather is bad", but Besgo's radar stroke is "accurate enough to admire."
suzutsuki Ented a dock.
In the dock next to her, fuyutsuki, later a sister and a colleague later, was seriously damaged by the bow and down
she was hospitalized with her sister.
FUYUTSUKI also entered the dock suffering the damage caused by the torpedo striking in the Enshu nada while sailing while escorting OYODO with SHIMOTSUKI on October 12, a little before, broken the bow.
The damage was totally the same as suzutsuki.
The wound he received was a wound that was not strange even though it was instant death.
She has received such serious injuries twice. Still she will return to the battlefield.
Such a crew like "they will never sink!" It began to say such a thing.
This was not the only bad luck of the suzutsuki.
this day, a large unit of US Army raids on Leyte Island, the island in the mouth occupied by the island of Suluan, the so-called "Battle of Leyte" occurs on this occasion.
She was losing its bow and repairing it, so she could not participate in the decisive battle as well as the battle off the coast of Mariana and spent in the dock.
And this was the last parting with the sisters of the 61th Destroyer.

In this naval battle, the 61th DD Corps will be separated from the 10th Squadron (Kurita Fleet).
After that, I belonged to the Ozawa fleet because of the air defense mission of the aircraft carrier force which is the original mission.

Because the 41th DD COrps was only SHIMOTSUKI due to the damage of FUYUTSUKI, SUZUTSUKI was organized with SHIMOTSUKI it called a 2nd DD corps regiment
But on October 25, during the battle with the US shipboard aircraft that attacked, Akizuki exploded so suddenly that it sank after a while.
In the evening, the "HATSUZUKI" was caught by a US cruiser unit that was pursuing
at that time "WAKAZUKI" and "HATSUZUKI" were during rescue of drifter of a colleague with and others.
wakatsuki was rescued by hatsuzuki. but wakatsuki could not met to suzutsuki, left participated in Operation TA-GOU as it is.
And they could fight with "SHIMAKAZE", but they was gone sunk at operation.
As a result, suzutsuki lost all her sister's colleagues, and the 61th DD corps became disbanding on November 15
On the same date, the 3rd Fleet (First Mobile Fleet) was also unbanded and the
Akizuki type should have defend Aircraft carrier task force was get lost.
The tenth squadron who was a destroyer unit for the escort of the Aircraft carrier task force also lost its mission and became the same day disbanded troop.

She was born in a tough situation and will do her best with her sister.
Words in her game also reflect many of them, so you always know that you care about your sisters.
I thought that these words expressed her kindness and led to love for all she wanted to protect.
I am very happy if this sentence conveys her personality.


next maintenance is 2018-07-25. (important notice)


important notice.
next Kancolle server maintenance is 2018-07-25.(japan time)
that maintenance is gain to HTML5 block-1.
and that is Trancefer lottely announce. target server are[SASEBO], [KURE], [MAIZURU], [YOKOSUKA].
if you request to trancefer these server, result announce on 7-25.
please check it.

do you request to submission trancefer request?
im never submission.
shortland is fuck server. but it not bad.

soon come to summer event.
it have no announcement, but it will huge event.
you ready? im not ready. hehe.


2018-07-12 update summary.


Hell-O guys.
do you enjoy latest update?
I can not change to tenryu. its not enough level. okie TENRYU-san lets go exercise.
she gone glamorous body. It wonder what happened to her?

okie lets summary latest update.

-some kanmusu come KAI2
-some equipment can modify on Akashi's Factory.
-some equiment synergy update.
-new mission added on.

it some KANMUSU come to KAI2.

this release so surprise.
of course my base YUGUMO-san level is 68. okie i entry excercise.

What is her characteristic?
she have good bod... im typo sorry.
she have good status.
Her specs are similar to NAGANAMI-KAI2.
thats YUGUMO-type!
She can balance Night attack fire power and anti submarine status.
The point of particular attention is AntiSubmarineStatus its so.

-equipment 12.7 dual main gun type-D-KAI2, get a fire power up bonus.
when yugumo-san equiment 12.7 dual main gun type-D-KAI2, default bonus +3, and additional bonus +3.
that bonus as equiment up to two applied 12.7 dual main gun type-D-KAI2.
maximum fire power additional bonus is +12.

-[12.7 dual main gun type-D kai2]+[Rader] Bonus.
when equipment 12.7 dual main gun type-D KAI2 + Rador, it get status bonus.[FirePower+3 Torpedo+4, avoidance+3 ]
e.g [12.7 dual main gun type-D KAI2 x2 and rador] bonus status [FirePower+15, Torpedo+4]. these status enchant night attaxk firepower is +19.

-can equipment Extra Armor and Command Facility
she can eqipment Extra armor and Command Facility.
Union Fleet flagship, you may select so.


-High Fire Power!
shiratsuyu-san have good firepower. it is so high in DD. and torpedo value is good too.
her equipment suited for Double Attack.

-can equipment command facility and Special Amphibious Tank.
Shirasuyu-san can equipment command facility and Special Amphibious Tank.
Special Amphibious Tank is effective on some event.
some event have logistics maps. these map boss node in Terrestrial type enemy.
Special Amphibious Tank have effective to that type.

-High anti submarine value.
Shiratsuyu-san have high anti submarine value.
she have first strike to submarine.
it is effective on submarine maps.
it need to balance fire power and anti submarine.
that Differentiation other DD.


-can equipment Large Searchlight
tenryu-san can equipment Large Searchlight.
it Make progress Fishing boat.

-unique anti aircraft cutin
she have unique anti aircraft cutin.
I think that anti aircraft cutin is due to the plan of the anti-aircraft cruiser.
when she equipment Secondary Gun or Small Caliber Main Gun, she can make anti aircraft cutin.

-other info.
shigure and Vernyi modify some status.
some status is growth. firepower, anti aircraft, anti submarine, and luck.


next update announce and new KAI-NI release! 次回のアップデートは七月12日ですって!

Hell-O Guys.
i have fuckin busy some work.
sorry too late new article.
todays article is next update Notice from Official Twitter.
Lets start begin.

Currently Kancolle-Official team have next update plan.
we have some funny plan. One of them new KAI-NI kanmusu release.
she is Eldest daughter, and have some sisters, one of them as SHIGURE.
we doing some work for Preparation.
that release on next update.
our plan is 2018-07-12 on release.
please check it!

SHIRATSUYU-type DD are complete on release.

SHIRATSUYU-Type DD name origin have two type.
1st to 6th origin are TSUYU, 7th to Last are wind.

露 is dew.
The dew is the water vapor contained in the air water droplets on the leaves of plants and the outer wall of buildings due to radiation cooling etc.
congratulations type SHRATSUYU!



[Digest report]U511(IJN Code RO-500) finding report [呂500探索日誌 by 浦名誉教授の日誌より]


this article is finding submarine article.
professor ura-san All schedules completed.
this article trancelate last day diary report.
It follows the format of the original article.
[date] [comment]
I am pleased if readers can feel the same as real time.


2018-06-20 update(6月20日更新)

At 23:00, Cloud Funding at ReadyFor ended with a donation of 4.6 million yen from 391 people. Thank you.
It is the present condition that there is not enough money for the work in the ocean although there is much work.
We are accepting donations to La Pronge deep sea engineering association at any time for exploring RO-500. Thank you.

On the first day of the survey, I left Port of Echizen at 6 o'clock in the morning at DAIKOKU-MARU and headed for "Shin Yama".
MBES (Multi Beam Sonar) is makes ship sharp clearly visible.
It seems that the net is also hanging.
I put in ROV, but it did not work so I abandoned to confirming the ship name.

We surveyed the Western coast of Kanmurijima island with MBES and found two submarines.
It is Lu 68 that exists in the south, but the one that exists in the North is either Ii 121 or Lu 500.
It matches the result which was investigated by the Fukada salvage company in the past.
I made the position accurate.
After that, after considering various things, I decided to check with ROV tomorrow.

As a result of investigating using ROV, I confirmed that it is RO-500.
The project title has been reached.

I found a new submarine on the north side of RO-500 and confirmed it as I-121
I succeeded in identifying the three ships. i get a hat trick!
I am grateful to all of you for your support.
It was hard for me to share this success with the people who joined us through NicoNico Live Broadcasting, but it's worth it!
We also appreciate your continued support and encouragement from many people.
I would like to dedicate this result to everyone involved in the planning, design, construction, operation, logistics, etc. of the Three Ship, family members, friends and stakeholders.



Professor Ura find U-511! and other submarine!!【朗報】浦先生ついにU-511を発見す!


Dear everyone.
today is fine news come us.

latest 2018-06-20 Professor ura-san Assertion U-511(RO-50)

He compares the image of the bow and the past photograph and concluded that it is U - 511.
he was very exiting on live straming!

hit the RO-121!

that tweet in shot are multi beam sonar image shot.
he said [left side is bow. that submarine almost an original form].
after 70th year of latest war, she had alomost originalform.that is wonderful news.

2018-06-20 11:22

Professor ura-san investigating to that submarine using ROV.



Live streaming! Looking for U-511(IJN Code RO-500) 若狭湾に眠っている呂号潜水艦を探せ!リアルタイム放送紹介

hello everyone.
this article introduce project that [chase of U-511 prjeect].
u-511 is very popular submarine character on KANCOLLE.
she come from german to japan, with some unique story.

-Where she sunk on?
wakasa-bay area on fukui-pref in japan.

-who is project owner?
Professor.Tamaki-Ura. he is IEEE fellow.
He is the forerunner of Japanese underwater robot research.
it has been researching and developing an autonomous submarine robot for 30 years and has released about 20 robust robots.
i know he is cool guys. have wonderful passion and technology to make my dreams come true.

-where does can see live streaming?
go http://live2.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv313510754
We will deliver a pattern of exploring the submarine "u-511(IJN code name is RO-500)" exploited by using underwater robots from the Sea of Japan and Wakasa Bay on live broadcast.

-U511 story
After departing Europe from May 10, 1943, sailing with the Atlantic Ocean - Cape of Good Hope - Indian Ocean,After 90 days · It reached Hiroshima · Kure port after about 30,000 kilometers
In Japan, although it was not possible to mass-produce the same submarine due to lack of material etc.,
We informed Japan of many technologies such as soundproofing equipment and welding.
Later, "RO-500" greeted the end of war with Maizuru as a practicing ship,
In 1946, it was sunk in the Wakasa Bay of the Sea of ​​Japan by the Allied Forces.

-What is the highlight?
It is fun to explore the ocean floor in real time.
and UAV camera Video is HOT!
not only looking for U-511 also other submarine chase that fun too.

go check it!



ISE-KAINI summary:伊勢改二は来月まで待たれい。

hello guys.
this morning huge earthquake on East japan OSAKA area.
I am worried because there was a big earthquake.
I pray for your safety.
in japan earthake hit sometime.
most of earthquake are not harmed.
but this time is some damage in osaka area.
I am worried that you are safe...

latest 2018-06-13 update ISE come to KAI-NI.
Significant strengthening was given.
Let's check the changes some status.

【艦これ】伊勢改二の評価と入手方法を詳しく解説 | 艦隊これくしょん(艦これ) - ゲーム乱舞 https://gameranbu.jp/kancolle/85a762e2a9f80ad13422 #ゲーム乱舞
【艦これ】伊勢改二の評価と入手方法を詳しく解説 | 艦隊これくしょん(艦これ) - ゲーム乱舞

【艦これ】伊勢改二の評価と入手方法を詳しく解説 | 艦隊これくしょん(艦これ) - ゲーム乱舞

-ISE-KAINI strong point.
she become to Aviation Battleship remodel.
she can equipment some aircraft(bomber/Carrier-based fighters/Carrier-based recons)
she have 5 equipment slot.
※Main guns ONLY in the first and the second equipment slots.
she bocome Aviation Battleship to Aviation Battleship Remodel.
By becoming from Aviation Battleship to Aviation Battleship remodel, some aircraft can now be equipped.
As a result you can do something like air carrier, even though it is Battleship.
even if she turn into middle-damege, it can Action in battle phase. of course night attack can too.

【艦これ】伊勢改二の評価と入手方法を詳しく解説 | 艦隊これくしょん(艦これ) - ゲーム乱舞

-she have 5 equipment slot.
5 slot give many Flexibility to ISE-KAI2.
It not only serves as a battleship but it also contributes to the Aerial Combat and demonstrates its power with Bombing Phase, In addition, it enables high-speed operation.

【艦これ】伊勢改二の評価と入手方法を詳しく解説 | 艦隊これくしょん(艦これ) - ゲーム乱舞

-she can do middle range shelling
her unique shelling range is middle range.but when battleship are eqipment main Gun Mount, they can get Long range shelling.
This makes it possible to contribute to the Aerial Combat even when you can not bring an aircraft carrier
It becomes possible to use other battleships as a flagship, and the whole power can be improved.

【艦これ】伊勢改二の評価と入手方法を詳しく解説 | 艦隊これくしょん(艦これ) - ゲーム乱舞

-ISE-KAINI luck and Avoidance are good status
When compared with other battleships, she has a high degree of avoidance and luck.
High avoidance status leads to high survivability.

伊勢改二は一部の主砲や艦爆・水爆を載せるとステータスが上昇します。このステータス補正は複数装備すると重複します。【艦これ】伊勢改二の評価と入手方法を詳しく解説 | 艦隊これくしょん(艦これ) - ゲーム乱舞

-some equipment have additional bonus to ISE-KAINI
ISE-KAINI have additional bonus, when equipments main gun mount, bomberdment, Seaplane Bomber.
these additional bonus do overlap.

【艦これ】伊勢改二の評価と入手方法を詳しく解説 | 艦隊これくしょん(艦これ) - ゲーム乱舞
when ISE-KAINI equipment on Type 2 Reconnaissance Aircraft, her attack range get bonus. when middle range change to Long rang, and long range change to super long range.


【艦これ】伊勢改二の評価と入手方法を詳しく解説 | 艦隊これくしょん(艦これ) - ゲーム乱舞

-She has lower firepower and Durability than other battleships.
The fire power and Durability are low as a battleship.
It is a standard as a battleship to the last, it is high as a whole.

【艦これ】伊勢改二の評価と入手方法を詳しく解説 | 艦隊これくしょん(艦これ) - ゲーム乱舞

-she have equipment slot limited.
main gun mount can be set to 1st and 2nd slot only.
if you want aircraft 1st slot bonus, you have to Abandon use main gun mount.

【艦これ】伊勢改二の評価と入手方法を詳しく解説 | 艦隊これくしょん(艦これ) - ゲーム乱舞

-FBA cut-in attack can not do.
becouse ISE-KAINI can not equipment Aircraft attacker.
she is not aircraft carrier.

Even taking demerits into consideration, she retains the remarkable strength.
strengthEspecially the merit of 5 slots should contribute to the overall strength.
im 6-5 is over this month.
some quest need EO map. Next month it is!

今回の記事では【turn into】という表現を覚えたような気がします。
これが、~になる という表現の一部なようなのですが、例によって怪しいです。けど、新たな表現なので積極的に使って覚えていきたいと思います。


KUROSHI-KAINI is comming.


hello guys.
do you enjoy latest food collection event?
im finish last day. its so tight... OCHA Seriously forgive.
BTW The event ended with the 13 th update.
main future ISE-KAINI and KUROSHIo-KAINI. and some mission.
today's article evaluation of KUROSHIO-KAINI.

Source article.
【艦これ】黒潮改二の評価と入手方法を詳しく解説 | 艦隊これくしょん(艦これ) - ゲーム乱舞 https://gameranbu.jp/kancolle/825c30e8b3d4b08b23a3 #ゲーム乱舞

Strong point:
-High firepower.
KUROSHI-KAINI is high firepower and high Torpedo, rank of night battle fire power No5.
Compared with KAGEROU-KANI and SHIRANUI-KAINI, she have more firepower and anti air
Instead of high firepower and anti-aircraft, torpedo and night battle firepower are slightly lower.

-equipment Anti-torpedo Bulge (Medium) and Special Type 2 Amphibious Tank
KUROSHIO-KAINI can equipment Anti-torpedo Bulge (Medium) and Special Type 2 Amphibious Tank.
Bulge is additional aromor value, it is few equipment. it is set to Reinforcement Expansion.
This makes it possible to stabilize the Acquire.
Special Type 2 Amphibious Tank is logistic equipment, that can special damage to some ground type enemy.

-additional bonus when equiment Type-C / Tpe-D 12.7cm twin gun mount
KUROSHIO-KAINI equiment these twin gun mount, she has some bonus on firepower.
it like other KAGEROU-Type DD.

-additional bonus 61cm Quadruple (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount
when she equiment that torpedo, she get a some bonus.
when eqipemnt 61cm Quadruple (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount, she get a bonus on torpedo value 12(normaly is 10)
that is indicates that 61cm Quadruple (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount has the same effect as 61cm Quintuple (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount.
this bonus is max 2 equipment.

-KUROSHI-KAINI need level
modify resource:
Blueprint required
20xDevelopment material

KUROSHI-KAINI have good firepower each other Kagerou-class kaini.
It is a good thing to eqipemnt Special Type 2 Amphibious Tank further.
some Groud type enemy in summer Event, she and other KAGEROU type DD become to Shining stars.


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