Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. 20

Ojyama Shimasu

Dear Reader,

The Japanese expression “Ojyama Shimau” means “I will disturb you” or “I will get in your way.” You use this to enter someone’s home. Basically, you are apologizing to someone for something you are going to do or you must do before you do it. The typical response to “Ojyama Shimau” is “Dozo” … It means please do what you need to do. I do not think there is such expression in English except maybe “Excuse Me.”

In business, you cannot always do what customers ask. You do your best but you know your best is not going to be enough. So, you think you should let the customer know from the beginning that your best is not going to be good enough. “Not a good idea.”

You always present yourself as an expert. And you must act and talk like the customer made the best choice he can make unless you know someone who can do better than you. In that case, you just tell your customer to go see that person. In many cases, customers know all you can do is your best and your best may not be good enough. But for those customers, you may be the last hope. In that case, you have a responsibility to do your best and comfort your customers by telling them that they are in good hands.

“Ojyama Shimau” also means one other thing. You say this when you have a better solution than the one people are talking about. For that you “Ojyama Shimau ” … “But I have a better idea….” I am sure a lot of time I shut people down … but I want to try allowing people to talk freely to me. That is what I am trying … please “Ojyama Shimau” anytime. I will try to listen.

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Opinion Stand Now Can Get More Feedback

You receive email with a link to leave comment.
You can leave comment here.
Opinion Stand now can gather user's email address and send him an email kink to leave more comment. This was the biggest request from our beta test users. We released this feature to accommodate our clients needs.


Testing Out Android Phone

I just got locked Samsung S8 phone for testing.
I have not used android phone for a longtime but it looks like a good phone.
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Opinion Stand on Old iPad Air

On old iPad Air ... you can only choose angry face.
Not a good review.
We now know the Opinion Stand will not function well on old iPad Air. I think currently, we need the latest iOS version to work properly.
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Mayumi is on her way to Japan.

Mayumi is on her business trip to Japan this morning. She will be flying to Vancouver for the connecting flight to Narita. But her first flight is delayed by 50 minutes and she might not make the connection. I wonder if Air Canada can boo her to another flight ... possibly by Seattle or Vancouver to Tokyo. I will keep you posted.

I will be the guardian for Tiny and Nano while Mayumi is gone.


Air Canada booked her on the direct flight from Seattle to Narita instead. Lucky for her!!!


I bought unlocked GSM Galaxy S8

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Tiger is Back

Are you kidding me!!!
I am so happy to see Tiger win The Masters.


Watching Masters



It's Friday

I hate getting old.
The week two of April is almost over. We had many projects going at the same time. It was a busy week. I am starting to realize I need to wear reading glasses.
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Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. 19

Penny Wise And Pound Foolish

Dear Reader,

If you try to save money by buying something cheaper, only to find out later the one you bought was not like the one you wanted, you may have saved money but you really did not get what you wanted. You regret your decision to buy something based on the price alone. This happens a lot and you ended up buying the one you wanted in the first place. You actually could have saved money if you bought want you wanted to begin with.

That is a true definition of “Penny Wise And Pound Foolish”. But in reality, it's not that simple. Sometimes all you needed was the cheap product and it worked out fine. Sometimes, you buy the cheap one and then you decided to buy the real one and find out they are actually not much different. People including myself will not know which is the best one to buy. And since we usually buy only one, you will never know what another one would be like.

From the seller’s point, you want to sell your products at the highest price possible. But the higher the price, the harder to sell. How do you covey your value to your customers? Here are somethings people try;

Free shipping and free return. (Risk-Free Purchasing)
Referral program. (Many credit card company offer incentives)
Advertisements (Traditional Media and the Internet)
Trade Shows and Seminars

“Penny Wise And Pound Foolish“ is an advertising term for people selling products are relatively higher prices. Higher prices indicate that the product has something others do not. Unless you really have a product that has something of additional value, you need to make sure you at least make people think it has something special even though it doesn’t. That is what advertisements are for anyway.

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