Thank you, Steve.

Thank you!

Steve Greenbaum
Greenbaum Home Furnishings
Steve Greenbaum of Greenbaum Home Furnishings allows us to place our new product, Opinion Stand, in their Bellevue Store.

This will help us conduct real life testing of our products at real site. Opinion Stand is design t gather visitors' opinion. If you would like to test Opinion Stand at your store, please contact me.
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One Year Ago

I have let Pompom go a year ago today. It is one of the the saddest days of my life. I miss him a lot. I don't think I will get over ... I don't want to get over. I hope I will see him again ...
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I will be one year tomorrow.

This picture was taken one year ago.


Michiru and Cookie

Pompom left us about a year ago. But just before Pompom, Michiru at my parents' house passed away and recently Cookie at my parents' house passed. I have asked our resident artist to create images of those.

I miss them all.
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Golf Practice 2nd Days

Special Veggie Omelet
Practice from the natural grass this morning.
I went to my club this morning again to practice. I am not hitting well enough to play a round yet. I really want to shoot better ties year.


Gas prices went up 11%

I filled up today at Costco ... I noticed the price of gas went up over 10% to $2.999 ... I wonder why? Every tome I see the price of go up ... I think about electric car ... I think as long as I can buy gas for less than $3.50 a gallon ... I am okay with my Subaru.
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Simple Breakfast at Aldarra

Aldarra Combo with No Meat
$12 ... Good meal, good price.
Practice ... Was it this hard to hit this dumb ball?
Ver simple and low salt breakfast ... I practiced this morning. I realized that I cannot hit any club this morning pass 65% of speed. It will be a while before I am ready for golf this year.
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Web site updated for Opinion Stand

We have just updated the Opinion Stand web site.

We are now working with selected customers to test the opinion stand at their locations.

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New Opinion Stand

We have the new version of Pinion Stand that we assembled. This may be the stand that we select for distribution. We need to do some more testing.
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My Newsletter 3/28/19

Kaikaku - Kaizen - Kairyo
Kaikaku - Kaizen - Kairyo

Dear Reader,

Those are the words that are associated with “CHANGE” in the Japanese language. They differ depending on the level of change you intend to do. The first word of all of those words starts with “改”. This kanji character means “CHANGE” and the second character tell you how big the change you are intending to make.

Kaikaku 改革
Kaikaku is the Japanese term for "radical change". In business, Kaikaku is concerned with making fundamental and radical changes. You use this word when you are making a change to the foundation.

Kaizen 改善
Kaizen is the Japanese word for “improvement". You are trying to improve some part of the system, not the entire company or process. This does not apply to a particular part of the product either. The philosophy of Kaizen is one of Toyota’s core values to always improve.

Kairyo 改良
Kairyo means to find something that is not good and making it better. First, you need to identify what is not good and then you make that part better. This applies to the product or parts, not to the people or the system.

Depending on the level of change you want to make, you apply the level of change you want to use. If you are concerned about one aspect of the product or business, you do not have to nuke it (Kaikaku), you just need to change the problem parts (Kairyou).

Japanese products now tend to have better quality because of those CHANGE concepts. Management and people understand and always look for the problem and trying to improve the company by applying the right amount of changes. Every company can always improve, the level of change is based on the problem you have. So, you should always think about at least how to Kairyo.
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