Plane that never crush!

Can anyone build the plane that does never crush?
The answer is "Yes" but plane will be too heavy to fly.
If the plane cannot fly, it will never crush.

Can you build a business that never fail ...
I the same logic, the answer is yes.
But it never takes off.

Failure is always very close to success.
If you do not want fail, you will never succeed.
We must plan to succeed but never forget failure is always an option.
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There are something must be left to economics.

We talk about role of government a lot nowadays. When Governemnt ask you to to pay for something, a lot of time you s=are stuck with paying it whether you like it or not. But when the business ask you to buy something, you don't really need to pay for it unless you are willing to pay for it.

There are somethings that you must pay whether you like or not ... but the boundaries for those seem to be growing.


Price of Gasoline

I filled up my car at Shell gas station yesterday on the way back to my house. I usually fill it at Costco but Iwas running out of gas and I have to take my friend to the Airport this morning.

15 gallons of gas cost me $50 ... It would have been $40 at costco. I used to think Cost gas contained no stat I’ve to clean your engine. But it does have the attoive do so. So what realty is the difference?

Other than convenience / distance, I reall do not see $10 difference.


Breakfast for Dinner

I ordered steak and egg for my dinner at 13 Coins.
Good choice.


Welcome Back Japan Airlines.

It is good to have JAL come back to Seattle.
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The Extreme Ping Pong Tournament has started.

This is an extreme ping pong ... loo what are people are using as a puddle.
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Opinion Stand

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Software Packaging

We once tried to make our services in to packages.
I still think this might be a good idea.
Those are boxes from those days.

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WebdeXpress Update Tomorrow

Our do-it-yourself website builder, WebdeXpress, will be upgraded to a new version tomorrow, March 12th . Choose from professionally designed templates, add your own content and you’re up and running in minutes. WebdeXpress is included in our Dreamersi plan.

We will be switching to the new version of WebdeXpress at 6:30 am on March 12th . Please DO NOT UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE FROM 6 - 7 AM . Our team has been diligently working to update our website builder to create more powerful and efficient software for your business. We’ve made changes to our system that will benefit how your websites load and rank on Google.

Here’s how this update will benefit you:

Faster Loading Times For Mobile & Desktop

We’ve enabled gZip compression and browser caching which will improve your websites speed and SEO ranking.

Better Protected

This new version has security enhancements that were not present with previous versions, meaning your website is safer than ever.

Your Site Moves Faster

We’ve decreased mobile and desktop speed index on this latest version. What is the speed index? Speed index is the number of milliseconds it takes for the visible part of your website to load.

HTML Loads Quicker
Reducing the server response time means that your HTML loads quicker so your webpage can render from your server in less time.
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Sunday Night

I drew this today.
Pompom and Tiny
I am at office upgrading website all by myself. It has so much content. I am using PSPinc's web builder / continent manager called Web de Xpress.

I am happy that we have this tools. Without it, it will be impossible to manage this big project.

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