Two Things That Attracts Me about 2020 Subaru

2020 Subaru Legacy
(1) Instead of lake keeping, 2020 Subaru has lane centering.
(2) Instead of 3.6L Boxter Engine, Subaru offers 2.5L Turbo.

Wish list.

(1) Plug-in Hybrid
(2) Outback instead of Legacy

I have been driving 2017 Subaru Outback 3.6R Touring. I will be looking at another Subaru in 2020.

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I learned something today.

I always though about this but I really could not say it better than this.

It’s almost impossible to change someone’s mind using facts. This happens due to ‘motivated reasoning,’ a psychology term that refers to the way people usually believe whatever they want to believe and use the flimsiest piece of evidence to justify that belief, even when there is plenty of verified evidence to disprove it.
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We made this!!!
December 1996
December 1996 ... PSPinc developed and released this web page.
This is the first page for Tully's Coffee.
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New Avatar

I drew this this morning.


How I miss Pompom

I still miss him a lot.
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Dreamersi Web and Email Hosting Service

Dreamersi Hosting Service in 2000
Dreamersi Hosting Service in 2000
Dreamersi Hosting Service in 2000
Dreamersi Hosting Service in 2000
Dreamersi Hosting Service in 2000
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Fry's Electronic in Renton

I cannot remember when I was at Fry's last time.
I used to go to Fry's in San Jose long time ago.
I used to love the store.

I saw an online advertisement and found that they have $2.00 sandwich.
I think that was a good enough reason to go there.

I ended up buying nice headset.
Store looks very empty and not well stocked.
I hope they are doing okay.


Web Hosting Business Since 1996

What you are looking at are the web pages from back in 1996/1997.
Yes, we have been hosting and developing website for 23 years.

Some of the people developing websites nowadays were not even born.
We have build the website from the HTML 1.0 to current.
We have upgraded our system every year since we have started.

I think it is safe to say we know what we are doing.
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My Newsletter 2/7/19


Nobody doesn't want to be complimented. “Good Job”, “Nice Work”, “Great Idea” even just a “Thank you” would make their day. But in addition to those regular compliments, people enjoy being called “Crazy”, “Weird”, “Miss Fits”, “Different” and other usually uncomplimentary words. That is because everyone, somewhere deep down, wants to stand out from the rest.

It's funny most people want to get along with others but at the same time, people want to be different from others. Old Apple commercial emphasized that people who use Apple is different from others. That was brilliant. I wanted to be different and I started to use Apple. Now I am not sure Apple represents what I am anymore. But that is another story.

To accomplish higher customer satisfaction, many companies try to create a "cut cake" (by the book) approach to customer service. Treating every customer like a king. But the service level usually goes down the drain. Nobody is treated like somebody anymore. I understand this for large companies. They can not really keep track of each customer. But for small companies, that is where you shine.

If you know the history of your companies relationship with the clients, you can treat each customer like they are someone important. When I had cable (I do not have cable TV anymore), when I called for support, after a long wait, the first thing the support person asked me was “is your cable box turned on?”

If your company can provide better individual support, customers will like you more. But some small companies think they can charge more for better service. I say that is wrong. You provide better service to retain your customer, not make more money. If you charge your customer more, they will go find another company.

Treating your customer better at the same price is the key to small business success.
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Clearing Snow

Our people did a great job clearing snows from the drive ways.
People are having no trouble this morning.
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