Best Italian

Great Pasta Dish
You know what it is.
Great Ravioli
Big portion
This it self it enough for three people.
One of the best steak.
They should have let me know that pastas were appetizers,
Those are so so so sweet.
Nice people.
This is an Italian Restaurant owned and operated by Chinese. Great food, Great people. We had so much food ... After an appetizer and past dishes, I was full. But from there they serve Salad and Streaks. Are you kidding???

Perch No Italian ... Seattle


Amazon and Ford

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Next Version Opinion Stand

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Phishing Email

Please do not fall for this.


Sunday Morning Breakfast Club

I eat out every Sunday Morning ... I am calling it "Sunday Breakfast Club"
No... It is not a formal meeting or anything like that.
But I love to have people join me.

Today, I had my breakfast at Alexa's Cafe in Bothell.
I waited 25 minutes to be seated. Very popular place.


Gas Prices

Even with everthing that is happening in Iraq, gasoline prices are stable now. I filled up with premium gas today at Costco.


Newsletter Vol. 29

Being Monitored

Dear Reader,

We have developed “Opinion Stand” which enables walk-in customers to input their opinion by pressing a button. There is nothing more simple than that. I thought it was a good idea for the establishment to receive real-time customer opinions, and it is. But I realized that business owners love this system but the employees who are facing customers do not really like their customers to evaluate them. Especially when the opinion sent directly to the business owners.

I found that businesses who have a good relationship between the management and the workers welcome this system. But many businesses that have less than ideal relationship would come up with the series of excuses like;

The system costs too much.
Customers are happy. We know that already.
I do not want to be judged.
This system is too simple to know what is wrong.

I thought businesses that already have paper surveys would be a good candidate but there is one big difference between “Opinion Stand” and a paper survey. That is, you can throw away the paper. With Opinion Stand, the response is immediate and direct.

The Opinion Stand we made has a different effect on businesses. It not only measures the customers’ opinion but the relationship you have with your staff. Nobody wants to be monitored when they are not doing their best. Opinion Stand is another set of eyes for your business.
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Bagels in The Morning

I went to Safeway this morning and got bagels for the office.
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Can people in China see Bloguru?

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ClickItAudio in Action

FPCO ( used the ClickItAudio and its QR Code linking system to explain their business in multiple languages. This system was dispels at G20 Environment Summit in Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan.

Please scan each QR Code with your iPhone camera or Android Bar Code / QR Code reader. It will open the link to the audio file on your browser where you can listen.

If you would like to learn more about this, please visit or contact PSPinc at 1-800-232-3989 / 1-425-957-0808

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