Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. 9

Bug, Money, and Dream
Dear Reader,

I always tell my R&D team to take care of business by focusing on fixing bugs, money, and dream in that order. I will explain what they mean.

The highest priority in developing and maintaining computer software and systems are to fix bugs when we find them. There are different levels of bugs we find. Of course, the highest priority is something that can bring down a system. Those bugs are call critical bugs. There are other less critical bugs. For instance, when buttons do not align, typos, and other bugs which have ways to work around. Never the less, we put a high priority on bug fixing.

The second priority is to bring revenue to the company. I hope I don’t have to explain why bringing revenue is important. Without revenue, the company will not function. So we put a high priority on the projects that bring revenue.

The third priority is what we call Dream. This is where we design and develop something new. We are always developing something new. We are currently developing a “Feedback System”, “Help Desk System” and “MP3 Audio Embed System” and “CRM + Collaboration + Task Tracking System” Called Pilot SBT (Small Business Tools). Those products are developed for our internal use and being refined as we spend more time. We are making them available to you as well in very limited bases.

We are not a reseller of products developed by others. We are the original manufacturer. That means we can modify, delete, and add any feature you want. We are always looking for business partners to push our products. If you have a product idea, please let us know. We will be happy to work with you develop and expand our dream.
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I just hope Tiny has long life ...

I hope Tiny will live long...
I do not want to loose another one.
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Mayumi's Mom is Heading Back to Japan

Have a good trip back to Japan.
Mayumi's mom was visiting Mayumi to see Tiny. I hope this will not be the last time her mom sees Tiny. Tiny has been doing well for last few months.
#TinyIsHere #pompomwashere


New Coffee Roaster ...

It is not new, this was my first time I visited there. Friendly people with good selection of coffee and things to eat. It is refreshing to see someone other than Starbuck.
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Compare Two Mountains

Mt. Fuji
From Shinakansen
Mr. Rainier
From Boeing 777-200
Top is the Mt. Fuji in Tokyo.
bottom is the Mt. Rainier in Washington.
Both are beautiful.
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Heading Back to Seattle

I am done with my business trip to Japan and I am on my way back to Seattle.
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After the morning eeting, we had little time for sight seeing. This is one of the places I visited today. Hakata is an interesting city. I hope we we can Develop some business relationships so I can come back again.
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Arrived at Hakata

This is my last destination of this trip.
I arrive at Hakata by air.
I took subways to get to my hotel.
It is already a midnight.
I am going to sleep now.
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I lost my daughter 8 years ago today.

I will see you again, Anna!!!


Fake Phishing Mail

I received the email deactivation notice ...
This is not sent ny my company ... they are trying bring customers to their hosting. No a good tactics.
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