Support UW Student Scholarships!

Support UW Student Scholarships! | PSPinc Children’s Foundation Aldarra Golf Tournament | August 19th, 2019

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc (PSPinc) Children's Foundation, in partnership with the University of Washington Foster School of Business Consulting and Business Development Center (CBDC), is hosting a charity golf tournament on Monday, August 19th, 2019 to provide $25,000 in scholarships for students with significant financial need.

Participating in this golf charity event also provides a rare opportunity to play at Aldarra Golf Club, an exclusive members-only course designed by Tom Fazio on the original site of the Boeing family farm. Lunch and dinner will be provided.
There are still a few sponsorship opportunities available including:
2 Gold Sponsors ($1,900 for a KP Hole + 4-Some)
5 Hole Sponsors ($650)
Drink Station ($1,000)
Players have the option of choosing to play a scramble or by individual stroke. Choose between:
4-Somes ($1,200)
Single Players ($350)
About the Cause: PSPinc strongly believes the sparks of future innovation will be lit by those who have overcome challenges presented by disasters or circumstances. By continuing higher education and partnering with the CBDC, these students will not only help themselves but also help our community by becoming better business leaders of the future.

About the Course: Built on the original site of the Boeing family farm, Aldarra offers a challenging par 71 layout that meanders through rolling terrain with stunning views of nearby Mount Si and the Cascade mountain range.

For event updates and to confirm your participation, please GO HERE for more information!

Best regards,
Your friends at the Consulting and Business Development Center
Michael G. Foster School of Business, University of Washington
and Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.
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People would like to know.

Many businesses would love to know "In Detail" what visitors think about their business. Why should customer spend time t answer that? You need toggle incentives for people to give you a suggestions. After all you are spending a lot of money for the consultants and marketing companies.

This survey took long tome but management will not read it. I have no incentive to answer them. What a waste of time.
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Gas Price

I filled up today at Costco ... a gallon of gas is down to $3.099 ... It is the lowest in few months. The average in Seattle are for a gallon of gas is currently at $3.499.
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Breakfast and Lunch at my gold club

A blueberry pancake and soft scramble egg for a breakfast.
A Berry smoothie for lunch.

Good combination.


Goodwill Gift

Every year, we send box of cherries to our partners, customers and friends in Japan. Those cherries are being delivered as we speak.
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Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. 32

Face or Tail

Dear Reader,

I watched NHK World Special this morning. I am not going to comment on what I saw. But I can tell you the story has enlightened me. When you toss a coin in the air, you expect the coin to be either on its face or tail. If you cannot see it, but someone tells you that it is NOT on its tail, you know it is on its face. So, if you do not like the result you got, you think the other side must be better than what you have.

So you do everything in your power to go to the other side. But you may not find what you want on the other side when you get there. In life or business, I face many decisions and I do regret some of the decision I made. I wish I made another decision. But I now realize the other decision may not be good either.

As a business owner, you have to make many decisions. But in many cases, you want to know what would happen if you decided another way. But it is life and you have to live with it. I think it is better to make a decision and do what you thought was right. You always regret some of the decisions you made. But you are not expected to perfect, you just do what you think is right.

Let’s not try to justify everything you have done. When you toss a coin, you make the call, the result is not as important as the fact you called it. At least be proud that made a call.

ps: As of July 7, 2019, Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. is 32 years old. I made a decision to start … I am proud of it.
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Opinon Stand Papyrus (Alpha Version)

Scan QR Code
Select your opinion.
Write your Opinion (Option)
Next release of Opinion Stand is the version that we call Papyrus.
We turn your Smartphone into the Opinion Stand.
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Seattle Executives Association Golf Tournament

Can you see the rain???
Aout 10 minutes after the tournament, it started to rain...
We were lucky.
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Opinion Stand Trade Show Banner Design

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2019 Corporate Philanthropy List

PSPinc listed on the Puget Sound Business Journal’s 2019 Corporate Philanthropy List

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Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. (PSPInc) has been listed with 74 other companies on the PSBJ 2019 Corporate Philanthropy List. This is PSPinc’s second time that PSPinc has been named to this list; the first time was the 2014 Corporate Citizen list. PSBJ will separate the list into three categories for further awards at the Corporate Citizenship and Healthy Community Corporate Champion honorees event, at 11:30 am, May 23rd.
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