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【Kid's Area】~Activities~

【Kid's Area】~Activities~

A part of the main exhibit hall will be dedicated to a Kid's Area. There will be many activities for the kids!

Near the entrance of the main exhibit hall, the Kid's Area will have origami activities, calligraphy writing, water balloon yo-yo fishing, Guinness World Record attempt origami fish fishing, and masks will be on sale.

Folding paper may sound not sound amusing at first. But imagine folding various animals with a single piece of paper. In the Kid's Area, you will be able to fold many different kinds of animals and objects. Instructions and paper will be provided!

Using a brush is very different from writing with a pencil. By using a brush, there are many different accents and textures you can create that aren't possible by a pencil. While looking at an example, you can have a try at writing a kanji of your choice. Can't find a kanji you want to write? You can ask one of the volunteers there to write you one on the spot!

One of the staples of a Japanese matsuri (festival) is yo-yo fishing. You must hook one of the water filled yo-yos to get your own. But here's the catch. The line is made out of paper, so it can rip easily! Test your patience and skill by fishing for water balloon yo-yos.

Back in February, the students of Bellevue Children's Academy and Willows Preparatory School folded origami fish to display at the Seattle Boat Show. While a display of 1,500 origami fish would earn them the Guinness World Record, a total of 8121 fish were folded to be displayed! Right now, the record is in the process of review. In the Kid's Area, you will be able to see just some of the fish (8000 fish is just way too much to display).

Another staple of Japanese matsuri are masks! The colorful masks are something everyone wants as a kid when they go to a festival. They're meant to be for kids, but who says adults can't get them too?

Come to Japan Fair 2017 and enjoy all of the Kid's Area activities with your children and grandchildren!
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We are very grateful for all of the sponsors who are supporting Japan Fair 2017. Without their help, this event wouldn't be free for all of the visitors.

Thank you very much to all the sponsors!

Please see our Facebook page or website to see our supporters.
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【Community Leaders】

【Community Leaders】

In this post, we want to appreciate all the community leaders who have supported and kept Japan Fair going. Our community leaders include the Consul General of Japan, Yoichiro Yamada, former Consul General of Japan, Masahiro Omura, Committee Chair, Yuka Shimizu, Chairman of the Board of Uwajimaya Inc., Tomio Moriguchi, Nisei Veterans Committee, Allen Nakamoto, Partner of Sushi Kashiba, Susumu (Sam) Takahashi, Founder of Five Senses Foundation, Akemi Sagawa, and CEO of Keiro Northwest, Jefferey Hattori.

We are very grateful for all the support they have offered to Japan Fair. Thank you very much.

Mr. Masahiro Omura
- Consul General of Japan

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all those working hard to produce Japan Fair in Bellevue this July. I am sure that everyone is looking forward with great anticipation to celebrating Japanese culture, society and business at Japan Fair 2017. The Consulate-General of Japan appreciates the efforts made towards such large-scale Japanese cultural festivals like Japan Fair and intends to provide as much support as possible.

Mr. Tomio Moriguchi
- Chairman of the Board of Uwajimaya Inc.

Although The USA is land of immigrants of varying generations, it is very important to have knowledge and if possible to have experiences related to our heritage family culture.  These unique cultural education and experiences made available at the Aki Matsui provides enduring strength for both our ethnic minority community and a better understanding for the larger whole community. Thank you - Tomio

Mr. Allen Nakamoto
- Japan Fair 2016 Co-chair / Nisei Veterans Committee

I am honored to have served as a co-chair with Yuka Shimizu for the Japan Fair 2016. The success of the Japan Fair and the concept of sharing many aspects of Japanese culture with other diverse community of Bellevue is, foremost in my mind, to honor and to revere the Japanese immigrant experience. We are very fortunate to have this opportunity to show case the Japanese culture in order to let new generation taste the past and to contemplate the future.
As many community groups, volunteers, exhibitors and visitors came to share in the excitement of the fair, we were all grateful for the opportunity to be part of the moment.  

Mr. Susumu (Sam) Takahashi
- Partner, Sushi Kashiba at Pike Place Market

It is my great pleasure to do volunteer work for our community particularly to do with Japan-America friendship and respecting each other through better understanding of different cultures and backgrounds. I am New Issei came to Seattle in 1970 and have worked for hospitality business all my life in the United States and in Japan. After once retired, I worked volunteer at Bellevue Senior Center in the kitchen and many charity events for fundraising. Where I stand here today is because of our ancestors taught us the importance of human values and legacy. I appreciate it for this opportunity.

Ms. Akemi Sagawa
- Founder, Five Senses Foundation

I used to look forward to Aki Matsuri every fall. The event, with special guests from Japan, always gave me an opportunity to learn about new aspects of Japan's culture. I also enjoyed the comfort food as well as finding bargain books at flea market. Many thanks to Mr. Tom Brooke for his years of dedication for Aki Matsuri, and to Ms Yuka Shimizu for taking over the long tradition and taking it further as Japan Fair.

Mr. Jefferey Hattori
- CEO of Keiro Northwest

On behalf of Keiro Northwest, we extend our appreciation for the annual Aki Matsuri Festival. Over the years, it has become a well-recognized event with a wonderful array of booths, entertainment, food and activities that promotes Japanese/Japanese American culture. We are excited to support the next evolution…now known as Japan Fair, which will continue to honor the tradition of Aki Matsuri while enhancing and diversifying the attendees experience!
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【Seattle GO Center】~Community Friends Booth~

【Seattle GO Cen... 【Seattle GO Cen...
【Seattle GO Center】~Community Friends Booth~

There are two traditional board games in Japan; shogi and igo. While shogi is known as Japanese chess, igo is commonly known as go.

Even though go has really simple rules, there are more number of ways to play it than there are atoms in the visible universe.

Learn to play the Asian strategy game of Go face to face for free at Seattle GO Center's booth, or at their Center, which is in Seattle’s University District on 45th St. near I-5.
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【Silent Auction】~Festival Silent Auction~

【Silent Auction】~Festival Silent Auction~

We are excited to announce that we have many items for the silent auction at Japan Fair 2017!

Feeling unsettled? Need some inner guidance? Have a one-hour Reiki Healing Session with Reiki Oasis.

I know, you must be hungry. Canlis invites you to dinner. Canlis’ favorite thing in the world is taking care of others, and few places can do it quite like Canlis. A truly unparalleled dinner experience.

No, no. You're at Japan Fair so you must be craving some sushi. Sushi Kappo Tamura is a little different from the others because they prepare their food in an open kitchen and serve it quickly in a lively environment where staff and guests talk about the food and beyond. Win an unforgettable experience with their food and staff.

Looking for something to decorate your house or room? Aki Sogabe's paper cutting art might be what you're looking for!

Not art that you're looking for? How about an autographed ball to support your home team? From the Seattle Mariners, we have an autographed Hisashi Iwakuma baseball! Show your support for the Japanese pitcher in your home and show off the autograph to all your friends and family.

Want more from the Mariners? Of course, their season isn't too bad this year. It might finally be the year we go into the playoffs and make a mark. This Mariners Fan Package has everything you'd want from the Mariners. It includes Iwakuma's Kuma Bear Hoodie, Father's Day tongs, Mariners T-shirt, Mariners Octoberfest stein, True to the Blue Rally Towel, and two mariners hats. The best part? You get 4 terrace club tickets too!

But there's no way we don't talk about the Seahawks when we talk about sports in Seattle, right? Well we have an autographed ball from the Seahawks as well. Tight end for the Seattle Seahawks, #88, Jimmy Graham autographed football!

All these great items in the silent auction. What more could you ask for? Stop by the Raffle/Auction Table at Japan Fair to make a bid.
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【Daisuke Kiba】~Performer~

【Daisuke Kiba】~...
【Daisuke Kiba】~Performer~

Daisuke Kiba is a kokyū player from Japan. The kokyū is a traditional Japanese string instrument and is played with a bow. Similar to shamisen, the kokyū traditionally has 3 strings. But look at the picture of Daisuke Kiba holding his kokyū. It was 4 strings! That's because he invented his own 4 stringed kokyū by adding a bass string.

He has appeared in educational TV programs on the Japan Broadcasting Corporation 日本放送協会 (NHK), gone on national tours, and participated in movie soundtracks. Now, he is spreading his success overseas to America.

江戸時代より伝わる胡弓の伝統を尊重しつつも、四絃胡弓の開発など、胡弓の可能性を追求している。 NHK Eテレ「にっぽんの芸能 花鳥風月堂」、NHK FM「邦楽ジョッキー」に出演。 吉田兄弟全国ツアーや、映画「駆込み女と駆出し男」サントラに参加など、幅広い分野で活躍中。
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【Main Stage Performances】~Performers~

【Main Stage Performances】~Performers~

We have many performances on stage this year! So many you won't be able to get away from the stage.

On Saturday, we will kick off the event with CHI-KA singing J-POP! Following her will be a performer from Japan, Mr. Daisuke Kiba on the kokyū! Stay in tune for a post about him soon.

Along the same lines of traditional Japanese, Japanese Classical Martial Arts will take the stage at noon. Going back to music, Uguisu-kai will sing and dance for us.

Then get ready to feel the beat when Seattle Kokon Taiko takes the stage! Seattle Kokon Taiko (SKT) is Washington’s first performing taiko ensemble. SKT is based in the local Japanese American community and has performed at schools, arts festivals, street fairs, community programs, corporate events and in concert throughout Washington and Oregon.
From 2:30 pm, the Japanese Men's Chorus Group from Evergreen Glee Club will be singing.
Interested in karate? Washington Shotokan Association will give us a demonstration on stage from 3:15pm. To finish the day off, Songs of Hope will be singing "Wish Upon A Star" with all the kids near the stage. After all, we are celebrating Tanabata.

Sunday will have a completely different line up, but just as exciting!

To start the day, Okinawa Creative Dance will dance to a couple of songs, followed by Okinawa Taiko by OKK Chijinshuu.

ArtRise Dance will continue the powerful flow with their energetic dances!

Can't get enough dancing? Dance LEO will come right after. Dance LEO started as a jazz dance class 17 years ago. In 2011, they performed two types of dances, a jazz dance and YOSAKOI for the first time, at an event.
Want even more dancing? Shiori will be performing belly dancing to entertain the crowd.

Then the main event for Sunday comes. A COSPLAY CONTEST! We can't believe this is actually happening again this year! The cosplay contest will be hosted by Sakura-Con and we're expecting a bigger turn around than last year.

After the cosplay contest, we will be going back to more traditional Japanese performances. KIMONO ART will have a performance again this year. This year, they will be expressing the beauties of Japan. Following the kimono performance will be Mr. Daisuke Kiba for a second performance. Anyone who misses his performance on Saturday will have another chance to see and listen to him playing the kokyū.

To finish off the two day event, we will have The School of TAIKO take the stage to powerfully close the curtains and send us off to next year.

The schedule for the performances can be found on our website.

Don't forget to set alarms on your phones so you won't miss any of these great performances!
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【Tomo Angie Hoku】~Japan Fair 2017 MC~

【Tomo Angie Hok...
【Tomo Angie Hoku】~Japan Fair 2017 MC~

Japan Fair is proud to announce that Tomo "Angie" Hoku will be returning as our MC for the Main Stage!

Tomo (AKA Angie) has been a bilingual emcee for many years in both Hawaii and Seattle, doing various events involving Hawaiian music, hula, information technology and/or food & hospitality industries. She also works as an event promoter: she has done many Hawaiian- and Japanese-related events, and more recently is supporting Bollywood (Indian) events in the Puget Sound area. She also consults with local restaurants, training staff to provide the best in customer service.

Tomo works freelance as an interpreter and translator as well as a tour coordinator, and is also a regular contributor as a travel writer for a Japanese magazine. And as if those gigs aren't keeping her busy enough, she occasionally (and secretly?) appears as Clara, the famous Ivar's Dancing Clam. 

Tomo is very excited to be part of Japan Fair 2017. Please come talk stories with her in Japanese, English, Hawaiian, Hindi or "Mollusk". 


通訳者&翻訳者としてのキャリアも長く、またツアー・コーディネータとして、そして数々の旅の経験から、ツアー・ライターとしての顔も持っている、忙しい彼女。さらには、老舗レストランIvar's のマスコット、”ダンシング・クラム”として踊りながら、ホスピタリティ業務を極めているのだとか。

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【Community Table】

【Community Table】

An addition from last year's fair, we are having a Community Table section in the lobby for the advertisement of our community!

Across the entrances of the main hall, there will be tables set up where many flyers will be placed. Everyone is welcome to stop by the tables and grab a flyer or two. For anyone who has a flyer to distribute, you may leave your flyers on the table!

Specifically at the Community Tables, we will be selling two items. The first item is ENMA t-shirts! ENMA is the organization that ran Aki-Matsuri for 18 years before Japan Fair. Get a t-shirt before they run out!
The second item is a book on remote nursing by Kiyoko Kakutani. Nursing for your elderly parents in Japan is becoming a larger problem with the older generation rapidly growing in population. However, Kiyoko's book explains the possibilities of nursing for your parents remotely.

As you come into Japan Fair or as you leave, please stop by and have a peek at what the community tables have lined up!
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【10 Days Left】~Countdown~


【10 Days Left】~Countdown~

It's almost here! We have 10 days left until Japan Fair 2017!

Japan Fair 2017 will be held at the Meydenbauer Center on Saturday, July 8th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Sunday, July 9th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

There will be over 60 exhibitors, 16 performances on the main stage, and more than 25 workshops and seminars. And guess what? They're all free!

Admission is free as well! What's stopping you from coming to Japan Fair? We hope to see you there!
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