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【Yuka Shimizu - Japan Fair 2017 Chair】~Youmaga Interview


【Yuka Shimizu - Japan Fair 2017 Chair】~Youmaga Interview

An interview by Youmaga of the chair of Japan Fair 2017, Yuka Shimizu, was published several days ago!

She, along with another committee member, were the ones who continued the legacy of ENMA's Aki Matsuri in the form of Japan Fair.

Yuka Shimizu is not only the chair of Japan Fair, but is also the founder and owner of Bellevue Children's Academy (BCA) and Willows Preparatory School (WPS).

Original Article

English Summary:

Yuka Shimizu came to the U.S. for her husband's job in the 90's, opening a small learning center, which became Bellevue Children's Academy in 2000. Now there are about 700 students, with over 35 ethnic backgrounds.
The End of Aki Matsuri and the Beginning of a New Festival
The 18 year long festival was coming to an end, but she didn't want such a large Japanese community event to come to a close as well. When things looked dim without any support coming through, Yuka Shimizu and one of the current committee members, Allen Nakamoto, stepped up to take over the festival. This was her turning point.
Having to start from scratch to get the festival ready, there were many obstacles, but help was offered from ENMA, allowing the first Japan Fair to happen. To her surprise, there were about 15,000 people who showed up to the Meydenbauer Center for Japan Fair 2016. The City of Bellevue even told Yuka that this big of a community event should be continued.
A Festival For the Future of Kids
Japan Fair aims to be an event where Nikkei and First Generation, and Second Generation Japanese can come together. With a strong Japanese community, there will be many ways where the Japanese will be able to help each other through struggles.

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【Kaoru Okumura】~Performer~


【Kaoru Okumura】~Performer~

Did you notice the two ghost like people in our post from two days ago?

If you were at Japan Fair last year, you may have seen Kaoru Okumura and her "twin" lurking around Meydenbauer Center. At Japan Fair, Okumura and her partner act as the "zashiki-warashi twins" (座敷童Twins).

Come to Japan Fair to take a glimpse of their spooky performance!

Kaoru Okumura is a Japanese Butoh performer based in Seattle, US. A fan of Butoh since 1970s, Kaoru studied Butoh in 1993 at Asbestos-Kan in Tokyo with Akiko Motofuji, Hijikata’s wife, and also had her first performance there. She started Butoh activities in Seattle from 2008. Since then, she has enjoyed performing with local Butoh members, where she experiences how a body bridges the soul and the world. Recently she is focusing solo performance, periodically premiering new pieces at various venues. Kaoru had more than 20 performances in 2016, including Seattle International Dance Festival, Nine Evening 2 Seattle as collaboration with Google Deep Dream, also supported by Google AMI (Artists & Machine Intelligence) in 2016.


現代における異形のものとは?シアトル在住舞踏手による、舞踏風『座敷童Twins』が2017年もJapan Fairの会場に出没いたします!
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【Chef Shiro Kashiba】~Seminar~


【Chef Shiro Kashiba】~Seminar~

Ever heard of Shiro's name? Ever been to Sushi Kashiba? Or any of his other sushi restaurants? People line up for two hours before opening every day for a chance to get a counter seat in front of Shiro Kashiba.

Shiro Kashiba is the person who brought Edo-mae sushi to Seattle.

At Japan Fair 2017, Chef Shiro will be hosting a free seminar on Saturday, July 8th at 1:00 p.m. He will be talking about sushi and his experiences in Seattle. His books will also be available at the seminar so you can get your hands on his autographed books.

We are also very grateful because Sushi Kashiba has donated two $200 gift cards for the Friends of Japan Benefit Dinner!

Come to Japan Fair 2017 for this priceless opportunity!

To Chef Shiro Kashiba, it feels like it was just yesterday.

But in 1970, Chef Shiro introduced the city of Seattle to sushi when he convinced his bosses at Maneki restaurant to build Seattle’s first sushi bar.
Chef Shiro had just completed years of grueling apprenticeships at Yoshino Sushi in the Ginza district of Tokyo, training hard alongside his senior supervisor, the world renowned (and now cinematically famous) sushi maestro, Jiro Ono.
But unlike his contemporaries, Chef Shiro had his eyes on America. Chef Shiro was convinced that he could import the Edo-mae style and “shun” philosophy of Tokyo to the extraordinary variety and delectable seafood offerings of the Pacific Northwest.
He was right. After working at Maneki, Chef Shiro opened his first restaurant, Nikko, in the International District. In 1992, he sold Nikko to the Westin hotel chain and opened the new Nikko at the downtown hotel location. For Westin, Chef Shiro served as Executive Chef and helped open several properties throughout the Americas.
After his first “retirement”, Chef Shiro opened Shiro’s in Belltown in 1994. Shiro’s became a smash success and was one of the pioneering restaurants to usher in Belltown’s revival as a hot dining spot in downtown Seattle. In 2014, Chef Shiro sold his remaining stake of Shiro’s to the I Love Sushi group which operates it to this day.
Nominated twice for the James Beard Award, Chef Shiro has cooked for Japanese Prime Ministers, masters of the arts, star athletes, industry tycoons, and has shared his knowledge and experience with local colleges and universities. Chef Shiro’s dishes have also been served in the First Class cabins of Japan Airlines and United Airlines. But what Chef Shiro enjoys most is preparing and explaining the intricacies and detail of the delicious item he has just served to the customer seated in front of him at the sushi bar.
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【Throwback Thursday】~1 Month Left~


【Throwback Thursday】~1 Month Left~

We have exactly a month left until the first of two days of Japan Fair 2017!
Haven't decided if you want to go or not? Take a look at these cute and fun pictures!

Okay, maybe the two people in the bottom left picture aren't so cute. But Japan Fair was a lot of fun!
We encourage everyone to wear a yukata or kimono, especially because the event is being held around Tanabata!

We hope to see you at Japan Fair 2017!
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【Volunteer Meeting】

【Volunteer Meet...
【Volunteer Meeting】

Interested in volunteering for Japan Fair? Know anyone who is interested in volunteering for Japan Fair? Come to the Japan Fair 2017 Volunteer Meeting!

We will be holding a Volunteer meeting to give us an opportunity to meet one another, discuss and explain roles and responsibilities, share a venue map, and answer any questions you may have.
This meeting is open to all, so if you have friends or family members who may be interested in volunteering please bring them along! Please keep in mind that volunteers must be 18 years or older. They can also sign up to volunteer with this Google Form.

We are looking for volunteers who will fill positions such as Information Booth Staff, Raffle Ticket Seller/Silent Auction Table Staff, Exhibitor Liaison, Stage Manager, Event Photographer, Parking Attendant, Workshop Assistant, and much much more.
Shifts are 4 hours long, and you can volunteer for one of the days or both days. There are multiple shifts in a day, so you are more than welcome to work more than one shift.

What: Japan Fair 2017 Volunteer Meeting
When: Saturday, June 24th, from 10:30 - 11:30am
Where: Bellevue Children's Academy, Building 2

14640 NE 24th Street, Bellevue, WA 98007

This building is located behind the gas station; turn into our parking lot before the Burger King

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【Performance Schedule】~Website Update~

【Performance Sc...
【Performance Schedule】~Website Update~

The Performance Schedule has been posted!
Between the two days, there will be a total of 16 performances on the main stage!
Performances include things from martial arts demonstrations to J-Pop songs to belly dancing!

The MC for the Main Stage will be Tomo "Angie" Hoku for the second year in a row! We are very thankful for her support.

Besides the main stage, we will be having Chris Kenji in the lobby both days playing Koto Jazz for us!

Stay tuned for further details of the organizations performing on the main stage! Come to Japan Fair 2017 to watch and experience these amazing performances!
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【Media Monday】North American Post・Soy Source

【Media Monday】N... 【Media Monday】N...
【Media Monday】North American Post・Soy Source

The North American Post has been around in Seattle since 1902, making them the oldest Japanese-language newspaper in the Pacific Northwest.
Currently, they publish both the weekly "North American Post (北米報知)" and the semi-monthly "Soy Source (ソイソース)".
We are very grateful that they are supporting Japan Fair with both publications!

We also can't go without saying that we are very fortunate to have support from the Hokubei Hochi (North American Post) Foundation (HHF) to be the parent organization of Japan Fair! Without them, the two day festival may not have happened this year.

Check out more about the North American Post and Soy Source through their English Wikipedia Page, Japanese Wikipedia Page, North American Post Facebook Page, and Soy Source Facebook Page.
Founded in 1902, North American Post Publishing has been serving as voice of the Nikkei and Japanese community in the Pacific Northwest for 115 years. We publishes weekly bilingual newspaper “North American Post (北米報知)” and semi-monthly Japanese community magazine “Soy Source (ソイソース).”  Our missions include celebrating Japanese culture and Nikkei history in Seattle. We aim to bridge Nikkei and Japanese communities in the Seattle/Bellevue area through our publications.  Please find Soy Source and North American Post copies at Japanese restaurants and glossary stores. Or visit our web site SoySourece.net and Napost.com.
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【Fran's Chocolates】~Market Place Booth~

【Fran's Chocola... 【Fran's Chocola...
【Fran's Chocolates】~Market Place Booth~

Isn't your mouth just watering seeing these pictures of the gorgeous chocolates?
We are more than happy to welcome back Fran's Chocolates to Japan Fair!

Fran's Chocolates will be collaborating with Heiando again this year! Take a look at Heiando's blog post as well.

Come to Japan Fair 2017 to see the beautiful collaboration of Fran's Chocolates and Heiando!

Fran Bigelow’s passion for chocolates began with her first taste of French confections in 1969. The pure flavors and simple, yet exquisite ingredients captivated her senses unlike anything she had experienced. In 1982, she opened her first patisserie and chocolate shop in Seattle, finding special satisfaction in sharing the pure joy of chocolates with her customers. Her pursuit of perfection led to intense, exquisite confections and earned Fran’s a following that has never stopped growing and has expanded to international recognition. Devotion to furthering the art of chocolate is reflected in every recipe and method, and each confection is made in small batches with meticulous care and skill.
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【All Nippon Airways】~Market Place Booth~

【All Nippon Air... 【All Nippon Air...
【All Nippon Airways】~Market Place Booth~

We are very pleased to have All Nippon Airways (ANA) back at Japan Fair!

ANA has been very supportive of Japan Fair and we are very grateful. For the second year in a row, ANA has donated Japan Fair with round trip tickets to Japan for two! The round trip tickets will be one of the raffle grand prizes, so come and buy your raffle tickets at Japan Fair for a chance to win! Stay tuned for details on the raffle.

Japan’s only 5 star airline awarded by Skytrax. ANA presents world class service on the state-of-the- art aircraft, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, daily from Seattle to Tokyo and Asia.

【ANA Inspiration of Japan】Experience world class service and a delightful journey in the skies with Japan’s only 5-star airline. Enjoy the ANA style of hospitality and service known as Omotenashi at every step of your travels. Fly the cutting-edge Boeing 787 Dreamliner daily from Seattle to Tokyo and many other Asian cities. ANA welcomes you aboard!
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【Banshu Soroban・Daiichi】~Community Friends Booth~

【Banshu Soroban... 【Banshu Soroban...
【Banshu Soroban・Daiichi】~Community Friends Booth~

Banshu Soroban (Japanese Wiki) is a kind of abacus made mainly in Ono city of Hyogo, Japan. They have a history of over 400 years and account for 70% of all the abacuses in Japan.
Daiichi Corp. has been making Banshu Soroban since 1909.

At Japan Fair 2017, Banshu Soroban・Daiichi's booth will allow Japan Fair visitors to make their own abacus!
Sign up for the workshop by emailing Tetsuya Sano at info@step-education.com. Learn more by reading their flyer.

The Banshu Soroban has a history of more than 400 years.
Daiichi Corp. is an abacus making business established in 1909.
You can experience making your abacus at Japan Fair.
We will introduce the new abacus at Japan Fair.
Please come to Banshu Soroban & Daiichi Corp.'s booth.
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