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【WA'S Kitchen LLC 】~ Arts & Culture ~

【WA'S Kitchen L... 【WA'S Kitchen L...
【WA'S Kitchen LLC 】- Arts & Culture Booth

Kaiseki chef, Hiro Tawara will be demonstrating beautiful presentation of Assortment of Appetizer (Hassun) to introduce "Kaiseki", one of the most beautiful Japanese food culture.

With more than 10 years of experiences working in several Kaiseki restaurants in Kyoto, he moved to Seattle and worked for several famous Japanese restaurants in Seattle.

In 2015, he started up his own company "WA'S Kitchen LLC" and is now doing "Kaiseki" private dinners and catering business to pursue his mission, "creating Northwest Kaiseki only available in Seattle which is made of local ingredients from Northwest by using traditional Kaiseki cooking technique."

His monthly event at Pike Place Market, "The beauty of Kaiseki" is now a very popular event and tickets are gone very quickly.

Hiro Tawara
Kaiseki Chef
WA'S Kitchen LLC

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【Relax The Back】~ Raffle Sponsor ~

【Relax The Back... 【Relax The Back...
【Relax The Back】- Raffle Sponsor

Thank you Relax The Back for donating raffle items to Japan Fair and being a Bronze Sponsor!.

Epulse Massager

Relax The Back is the #1 specialty retailer of ergonomic and back care products. Relax The Back offers premium products to solve back pain such as zero gravity recliners, ergonomic beds and Inada, the world’s best massage chair from Japan.



Come visit us at the Market Place Booths at the Japan Fair!
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【naka】~ Raffle Sponsor ~

【naka】~ Raffle ... 【naka】~ Raffle ... Chef Shota Nakajima Chef Shota Nakajima
【naka】- Raffle Sponsor

Thank you naka for donating raffle items and also $500 to Japan Fair and being a Bronze Sponsor!.

Five $100 Restaurant Gift Certificates

Chef Shota Nakajima


Chef Shota Nakajima, of Capitol Hill’s Naka restaurant, offers a modern interpretation of Kaiseki- Japan’s traditional tasting experience, which focuses on progressive small plates of seasonal products with a stunning visual presentation. Growing up in Seattle in a Japanese family, Shota’s point of view is influenced by his mother’s homemade cooking coupled with his focus on ingredients from the Pacific Northwest.

Shota began cooking in Seattle-area Japanese restaurants in his teens and fell in love with all aspects of restaurant life. At age 18, he moved to Osaka, Japan to learn the depth of his native culture and to attend Tsuji Culinary Arts School, one of Japan’s most prestigious. Following graduation, Shota had the opportunity to apprentice under Michelin Star Chef, Yasuhiko Sakamoto. When Shota returned to Seattle, he worked for Chef Taichi Kitamura at Sushi Kappo Tamura in 2011 and 2012.

In 2014, he opened his own catering business, Kappo Kitchen, and in December, he won the Seattle round of the World Washoku Challenge 2014. With great anticipation from fans of his beautiful, stylized Japanese cooking, Shota opened Naka in June of 2015.

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【Kyoto Kakimoto USA】~ Market Place ~

【Kyoto Kakimoto... 【Kyoto Kakimoto...
【Kyoto Kakimoto USA】- Market Place Booth

Kyoto Kakimoto presents “KOTONOHA” event and Japanese washi paper.

Kotonoha is an essay event and you might get an award to go to Kyoto, Japan for the best award ceremory next year.

Visit us and experience the Honmamon washi culture as well as register KOTONOHA event.

See you at our booth during Japan Fair 2016!

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【GINGA Wireless】~ Raffle Sponsor ~

【GINGA Wireless... 【GINGA Wireless...
【GINGA Wireless】- Raffle Sponsor

Thank you GINGA Wireless for donating raffle items to Japan Fair!.

Unlocked Smartphone

GINGA Wireless

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【Handarbete】 ~ Arts and Culture ~

【Handarbete】 ~ ... 【Handarbete】 ~ ...
【Handarbete】 - Arts and Culture Booth

Handarbete means “handicraft” in Swedish.

I learned hand weaving in Stockholm. By using the technique with Japanese and Scandinavian inspiration, I hand weave one of a kind shawls and goods.

Interested in learning to weave yourself?

Many people with no experience have enjoyed weaving at my class in Redmond. New students are always welcome!

ハンドアルベーテとは、 “手仕事”という意味のスウェーデン語です。




Online Shop: http://www.handarbete.etsy.com
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【Heiando America, Inc.】~ Market Place ~

【Heiando Americ... 【Heiando Americ...
【Heiando America, Inc.】- Market Place Booth

An exclusive U.S. distributor of Yamada Heiando, a proud purveyor of tableware to the Japanese Imperial Household.

Heiando provides a wide range of designs to fit modern lifestyles while honoring centuries of tradition. But Heiando is not stuck in the past. We are constantly innovating with new material to push the boundaries of lacquer-ware, using the knowledge we’ve gained over the decades.

Heiando will also share a booth with Fran's Chocolate!

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【Crystal Angels】 ~ Arts and Culture ~

【Crystal Angels...
【Crystal Angels】 - Arts and Culture Booth

Crystal Angels is handmade jewelry from purified crystals which heal, protect and empower you.

Crystal Angelsのジュエリーは、浄化したクリスタルを使用した、ハンドメイドのジュエリーです。


Akiyo Hernandez ATP ®

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【Ming's Asian Gallery】 ~ Arts and Culture ~

【Ming's Asian G... Japanese Formal Ceremonial ... Japanese Formal Ceremonial Wedding Kimono with Bamboo dowel and Japanese Vintage Imari Vase - 48" Height Japanese Contemporary Mizuy... Japanese Contemporary Mizuya (Kitchen, bedroom or dining area) with Edo hardware
【Ming's Asian Gallery】 - Arts and Culture Booth

Discover Ming's Gallery "The Pacific Region's Finest" located in the
Redmond Town Center. Ming's offers an outstanding array of Furniture,
Antiques, Art and accessories from thru-out Asia.

Representing over 5,000 years of culture and tradition from East Asian countries
including; Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Burma, Korea, Mongolia, China, Tibet, Cambodia and Nepal.

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【Textures by Jan】 ~ Arts and Culture ~

【Textures by Ja... 【Textures by Ja...
【Textures by Jan】 - Arts and Culture Booth

Saganishiki weaving is the most recent of Japan's National arts, developed in 1820 in Kashima, Saga Prefecture and involves weaving on metalized paper with silk.

Jan Paul of Kirkland has been weaving Saganishiki since 1990 and will be demonstrating and selling at Japan Fair.
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