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【Naturally Plus USA】~Market Place Booth~

【Naturally Plus... 【Naturally Plus...
【Naturally Plus USA】~Market Place Booth~

What better way to improve your health than using superior nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices?

Since 1999, Naturally Plus USA (NPUSA) has been looking to spread wellness at the global level with their products.

Are you tired from looking at your computer screen or your phone? NPUSA's Super Lutein is a nutritional supplement specially designed for your eye.

Have you ever heard of hydrogenized water? Izumio is NPUSA's hydrogenized water; water infused with hydrogen.

Come get Super Lutein and Izumio at Naturally Plus USA's booth at Japan Fair 2017!

NPUSA promotes worldwide wellness through superior nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices  Since establishment of the company in 1999, Naturally Plus has conducted business under the corporate mission of enhancing the wellness of the global community. NPUSA products are distributed exclusively through our network of loyal Affiliates who promote healthy living through personal example and enthusiastic endorsement of the NPUSA products and lifestyle philosophy.
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【Throwback Thursday】Last Year's Pictures on Instagram

【Throwback Thur...
【Throwback Thursday】Instagram and Last Year's Pictures

Did you know we have an Instagram?

On our Instagram, you can see pictures of Japan Fair 2016! Thank you for everyone who let us take their pictures with the Instaboard!
We also want to thank the three lovely ladies who volunteered to take the pictures!

We'll have the Instaboard at Japan Fair again, so come and take your picture!

Please do check out our Instagram @japanfairus!
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【AKI SOGABE - Paper Cutting】~Arts and Culture Booth~

【AKI SOGABE - Paper Cutting】~Arts and Culture Booth~

We are welcoming AKI SOGABE back again this year to Japan Fair!

Have you ever cut out paper snowflakes? What's the most elaborate design you've made? Why not try cutting paper into something more than a snowflake? Can't think of how to cut the paper? Then come to AKI SOGABE's booth at Japan Fair 2017 to see her intricate paper cutting!

Paper Cutting is an ancient art form that began in China and Europe. Sogabe started to introduce this paper cutting to the Northwest in 1978 and now her works are included in the collections of many corporations, organizations and universities.

Her works are displayed at more than 30 public schools from elementary through college in Washington State.

Her public art is installed in the Pike Place Market and Uwajimaya Village in Seattle.

She is also known as a children's book illustrator.

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【Sagalingua Language】~Community Friends Booth~

【Sagalingua Lan... 【Sagalingua Lan...
【Sagalingua Language】~Community Friends Booth~

We are pleased to welcome Sagalingua Language to Japan Fair 2017!

Want to learn a new language? Want to get better at a language? Learn the culture as well with one-on-one private lessons at Sagalingua Language! 英語を習いたい?英語をもっと上達させたい?サガリンガの個人レッスンで文化と共に英語を習おう!

Sagalingua Language & Culture Coaching is a women-owned, small business in the Eastside, conveniently located close to Bellevue downtown. It was founded by Sandri Richardson, originally from South Africa, and Galia Dadiomova, originally from Russia, who both immigrated to the US 18 years ago. Because of their own experiences, they started Sagalingua to help other immigrants adjust to their new environment, engage in their community, and learn new language skills.

Sagalingua provides language and culture coaching, for adults and children, in 14 languages, taught by native teachers: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Polish, Serbian, Hungarian and Afrikaans. We specialize in one-on-one private lessons and small groups of up to 4 students.

We accept email inquiries in all 14 languages and can provide a translator to help with the initial appointment if necessary. We also offer free language level assessments and allow new moms to bring their babies with them to class.

Sagalingua wants to promote understanding and a sense of community between people from many different cultures. Students can join our monthly international book club or participate in monthly field trips to interesting local places like Bellevue Arts Museum, go blueberry picking, or attend a Mariners baseball game.

Our tagline is: Sagalingua – We Speak Your Language!






Sagalingua Website
Sagalingua Facebook
Sagalingua Yelp
Japan Fair Website
Japan Fair Facebook
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【Hello Sushi Store】~Market Place Booth~

【Hello Sushi St... 【Hello Sushi St...
【Hello Sushi Store】~Market Place Booth~

Want some sushi at Japan Fair? Say hello to Hello Sushi Store!

Japan Fair 2017 is the only opportunity in the Seattle Area to see Hello Sushi Store products in person this year, so make sure to come to their booth! Get smiley sushi rolls on your hats, your t-shirts, your kitchen utensils, and much much more!

Hello Sushi Store is a one stop gift shop for sushi and other Asian food-inspired merchandise. We are known for quality products with cute and vibrant designs. All products use original artwork by Kanagi Design that is exclusive to Hello Sushi.
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【Darlene Dihel - Sumi Painting】~Arts and Culture Booth~

【Darlene Dihel ...
Darlene Dihel, welcome back to Japan Fair!

Sumi painting is an East Asian type of brush painting. Traditional sumi painting only uses blank ink, but still makes the pictures come to life. beautifully expresses the spirit of nature.

Adding in some color, Darlene Dihel beautifully expresses the spirit of nature with the strokes of her brush.

Come to Japan Fair 2017 and Darlene Dihel's booth to see her magnificent drawings!

Darlene, a native Washingtonian, is a retired teacher who spent half her career in the South Pacific (Guam and Kwajalein) with husband, Merle, and two children. She came full circle about 20 years ago, returning to the Pacific Northwest.

The love for SUMI-E, a Japanese word which means painting a picture with black ink, began over forty years ago following a few days in Japan. She began studying and painting sumi on her own until 1999 when she discovered the Puget Sound Sumi Artists organization, taking many classes from the group's masters. Darlene teaches sumi classes to all ages, enters shows and festivals, has solo shows, and does demonstrations. As well as studying the traditional sumi-e, she adds Asian watercolors to her work and creates sumi mixed media.

A painting session begins by grinding the sumi stick with water on a grinding stone to make black ink, and then making a dish of grey ink. The animal hair bamboo brush is dipped in water, grey ink, then black. Grasping the brush in the middle with arm off the table, basic calligraphy strokes are made on rice paper to create images. Whatever the final image, creating a work of art is an experience within itself, a journey recording a brief moment in time.

Studying and painting sumi is a constant in Darlene's life. Her goal is to improve as a sumi artist although she will always be "a student" in this spontaneous, simplistic, spiritual style of painting..
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【ArtRise Dance】~Community Friends Booth~

【ArtRise Dance】... 【ArtRise Dance】...
【ArtRise Dance】~Community Friends Booth~

ArtRise Dance will be back at Japan Fair 2017 with their elegant and dynamic performances!

We are very thankful for ArtRise Dance's support through donations!

At Japan Fair 2016, ArtRise Dance's exciting performances on stage displayed their extensive range of talent from elegant ballet to dynamic dance shows. We are looking forward to their performance this year!

Whether you dance, want to start dancing, or want to watch some dancing, come to Japan Fair 2017 to see ArtRise Dance's performances and booth. They will be hosting summer camps in August, so come take a look and become a part of their dance crew!

ArtRise Dance offers classes for all ages, levels and backgrounds to discover the joy of movement in a welcoming, all-embracing space.

ArtRise Dance passionately believes in making dance exciting while inspiring the next generation with diverse music and art. 

It is our goal to offer dance that communicates to, and welcomes all people regardless of gender, race, social or cultural backgrounds.
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【Heiando】~Market Place Booth~

【Heiando】~Market Place Booth~

Heiando will be back at Japan Fair 2017, collaborating with Fran's Chocolate for another year!

As a proud purveyor of traditional urushi (Japanese Lacquerware) tableware to the Japanese Imperial Household, Yamada Heiando opened his first boutique in 1919.
Since then, Heiando has been preserving, honoring, and spreading traditional urushi while also connecting and adapting to modern tableware.
They are already looking ahead to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics where they aim to spread the craftsmanship to foreigners and the younger generation.

Yamada Heiando opened its first boutique in 1919 in Tokyo. Yamada Heiando is a proud purveyor of tableware to the Japanese Imperial Household and offers a wide range of designs to fit modern lifestyles while honoring centuries of Urushi tradition. Heiando America, Inc. is a U.S. subsidiary of Yamada Heiando and an exclusive distributor of its lacquerware in the North America.

In 2020, Tokyo will host the summer Olympics. This world-wide sports event will generate more interest in Japanese cultures among people around the world. We believe this would be a great time for us to introduce the beauty of the traditional urushi lacquerware to the world. 

We also believe it would help the urushi industry continue to grow, leading to the globalization of the craftsmen. Heiando has been proactively engaged in developing a solid foundation for the young generations to join the industry.

Heiando Website
Heiando Facebook
Japan Fair Website
Japan Fair Facebook
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【Throwback Thursday】Booths From Across the Pacific

【Throwback Thur... 【Throwback Thur...
【Throwback Thursday】Booths From Across the Pacific

At Japan Fair 2016, there were companies who came all the way from Japan to excite us with their products!

Those companies included JR East, Kyoikudojinsha, Kyoto Kakimoto, Matshumoto Shouten, and Shimokawa Tailor.

A train driving simulator was brought by JR East to allow visitors to experience the difficult but exciting task of directing a train. (First picture, top right)

Matshumoto Shouten came from Hyogo Prefecture to showcase their beautifully designed candles. Unlike traditional western candles, they showed us that their candles can come in spheres and vase-like shapes. (First picture, top left and bottom left)

Cute Japanese school uniforms were displayed by Shimokawa Tailor. (First picture, bottom right)

Established in 1845, Kyoto Kakimoto showed Japan Fair 2016 the high quality of traditional Japanese paper. (Second picture, top right)

Kyoikudojinsha came to Japan Fair 2016 to introduce the thoroughness of Japanese textbooks of all kinds of subjects.

Come to Japan Fair 2017 to see more booths!
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【Keiro Northwest】~Community Friends Booth~

【Keiro Northwes... 【Keiro Northwes...
【Keiro Northwest】~Community Friends Booth~

We are pleased to welcome back Keiro Northwest! Come see their booth at Japan Fair 2017!

Formerly known as Nikkei Concerns, Keiro Northwest has been a significant part of our community by caring for our elders since the 70s.

With Keiro Northwest, you can enhance your lifestyle on your health & wellness journey. Keiro Northwest delivers world-class senior health and wellness services customized for our region’s Asian communities, with additional expertise serving the general community. As a mission-driven organization, our efforts honor your cultural, food, language and life preferences with a commitment to respect, trust, compassion, quality of life, and family.

Picture Descriptions

(Top Left)
Exercise your mind at Keiro Northwest’s adult day center, Kokoro Kai, with our monthly GUEST SPEAKER CORNER (January’s speaker, Professor Tetsuden Kashima, here with Nikkei Manor resident Tosh Okamoto). See for yourself the special bond among the Kokoro Kai participants and volunteers and know that your mom or dad would feel energized and thrive in the surroundings.

(Top Right)
Choose your adventure on a NIKKEI HORIZONS TOUR! Whether you travel the world to seek your roots or explore a new land, the ease and convenience of a group tour will inspire you. Upcoming tours to Ireland, Italy & France, Southern Japan & Okinawa, Western Canada, and Washington, DC. Explore with Keiro Northwest!

(Bottom Left)
Meet and greet sports idols like Kazuhiro Sasaki (here with Sue Furuta and Haru Nishimura) at Keiro Northwest’s annual LUNAR NEW YEAR CELEBRATION. The innovative sports theme creates an exuberant atmosphere that adds new dimensions of fun to this fundraising event.

(Bottom Right)
Throw your next party with KEIRO NORTHWEST CATERING! Our talented team will tempt your tastebuds with delicious comfort foods from many Eastern and Western cuisines. They are happy to deliver, or, you can rent the lovely Keiro Garden and/or the Garden Vista Room.
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