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【Japan Fair 2016】~ Volunteer Meeting Invite ~

Bellevue Library Bellevue Library
Japan Fair 2016 is all ran on volunteer help and would love to invite more volunteers to experience this event with us.

If you, or know someone, who may be interested in volunteering with us but may need more information, you are invited to join us at our Volunteer Meeting. It is open to everyone interested.

What: Japan Fair Volunteer Meeting
When: August 27th, Saturday 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
Where: Bellevue Library, Meeting Room 1
Address: 1111 110th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

At the Volunteer Meeting, we can meet each other, discuss and explain tasks, show a venue layout map, and answer any questions you may have.

We will also be providing light snacks and refreshments.

Please let us know if you can join us here: Volunteer Meeting Attendance Form

Thank you for all your interest and we hope to see you all there!
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【Seattle Mama Net】~ Media Supporter ~

【Seattle Mama N... 【Seattle Mama N...
【Seattle Mama Net】~ Media Supporter ~

Hosting events that you can enjoy with the whole family and events for moms to take up new hobbies. We also have Japanese story time on the last Sunday of every month at Kinokuniya store.


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【Aki Art】~ Arts & Culture ~

【Aki Art】~ Arts... 【Aki Art】~ Arts...
【Aki Art】- Arts & Culture Booth!

Paper Cutting is an ancient art form that began in China and Europe.

Sogabe started to introduce paper cutting to the Northwest in 1978 and now her works are included in the collections of many corporations, organizations and universities.

Her works are displayed at more than 30 public schools from elementary through college in Washington State. Her public art is installed in the Pike Place Market and Uwajimaya Village in Seattle. She is also known as a children's book illustrator.

Aki Art has donated to Japan Fair a framed print titled: "Soaring Hawks"

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【ArtRise Dance】~ Stage Performer ~

【ArtRise Dance】... 【ArtRise Dance】...
【ArtRise Dance】~ Stage Performer ~

ArtRise Dance is committed to offer inspiring and distinctive dance classes in traditional and contemporary.

ArtRise Dance passionately believes in making dance exciting while inspiring the next generation with diverse music and art. It is our goal to offer dance that communicates to, and welcomes all people regardless of gender, race, social or cultural backgrounds.

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【Soy Source】~ Media Supporter ~

【Soy Source】~ M...
【Soy Source】~ Media Supporter ~

Soy Source is a bi-weekly Japanese Language magazine publishes interesting and useful information for Japanese people in the greater area of Seattle and North West. Published by North American Post Publishing Inc.

We are happy to support Japan Fair and looking forward to seeing you all at the fair!


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【Tanimoto Sumi Art Class】~ Arts & Culture ~

【Tanimoto Sumi ...
【Tanimoto Sumi Art Class】- Arts & Culture Booth!

In my "Sumi Art Class" I teach traditional calligraphy classes, which is more structured and formal, and a more casual Fun Sumi Art Class to express the student's creativity and individual feelings!

Both classes have different age students in the room.

Students can demonstrate their skills against other students and take a skills assessment test in the traditional calligraphy class. Their work is graded by judges in Japan. If chosen as the best, their work is published in the monthly calligraphy magazine.

I also display it locally in these type of festivals. Creativity and individual expression is encouraged and the basis for the Fun Sumi art class.



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【Washington Shotokan Association】~ Arts & Culture ~

【Washington Sho...
【Washington Shotokan Association】- Arts & Culture Booth!

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Shotokan karate in a formal, respectful, and fun environment.

Our instructors volunteer their time to help students reach their goals as well as:
· Learn respect towards self and others
· Develop self-discipline
· Strengthen their body and mind

Contact us at:
Washington Shotokan Association
12754 Bel-Red Rd.
Bellevue, WA 98005
425– 454– 6633



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【Kaoru Okumura】~ Butoh Performer ~

(c) Jason Renek (c) Jason Renek
【Kaoru Okumura】~ Butoh Performer ~

At the Japan Fair 2016, you may encounter 'ZASHIKI-WARASHI Twins', Seattle-based Butoh performers, wandering somewhere in the exhibition hall; that will bring you a sense of wonder from old folktale in Japan.

A fan of butoh since the 70/80’s, Kaoru Okumura studied Butoh in 1993 at Asbestos-Kan in Tokyo with Akiko Motofuji, Hijikata’s wife, and also had her first performance there.

She has enjoyed performing in the Seattle butoh scene since 2008, and constantly having 10 ~ 20 performances each year.

In 2016, Kaoru is going to present collaboration works with DeepDream supported by AMI (Artists and Machine Intelligence, http://ami.withgoogle.com), a program at Google that brings artists and engineers together to create collaborative projects using Machine Intelligence.



シアトル在住舞踏手による『座敷童Twins』がJapan Fair 2016の会場に出没いたします。

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【Neely Mansion】~ Community Friends ~

【Neely Mansion】... Restored 1930’s... Restored 1930’s Historic Hori Family Furoba
【Neely Mansion】- Community Friends Booth!

The Hori Furoba (Bath house)

In 1929 Shigeichi (Jack) and Shimano Hori leased the Neely property and lived in the mansion with their four sons and one daughter.

Jack ran a small dairy and produce farm,but also worked at the F. H. Hogue packing shed in Kent. Shimano’s brother, Jitsuo Otoshi, and his wife lived in a small house on the property and helped with the farm operations.

One traditional aspect of Japanese life on the farm was the furoba, or bath house. Most families in the valley had constructed such a small building for use after a hard day of labor.

The Hori Bath House, constructed in 1930, is a one-story wood frame structure that measures 10 by 16 feet. The interior is divided into two rooms. Frank Hori (son) remembers that an entrance and window were in the first room, and a curtained door lead to the back room with the tub.

According to Mary Hori Nakamura (daughter), “We would wash ourselves outside the tub and rinse ourselves off in the front room, and then go into the back room and get in the tub to soak. The whole family took baths every night.” The bath was used to relax and socialize.

The Hori Beth House still stands behind the Neely Mansion. It has been named a King County Landmark, as it is the only such structure existing in the county today.

It has recently been restored to its former appearance. The Neely Mansion Association received funds from 4Culture and King County to restore the historic building. The interior includes a soaking tub and laundry area exhibit that portrays the 1930s era.

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【Market to Japan】~ Market Place ~

【Market to Japa...
【Market to Japan】- Market Place Booth!

Market to Japan helps small to mid-sized companies become cross-cultural businesses between the North American and Japanese market.

At Japan Fair, we showcase a collection of NAIGAI legwear that is designed and made in Japan. One collection which focuses on high quality and sophisticated fashion will be displayed.

The URUNA collection provides a simple solution for women who deserve relaxation and healthiness for their feet.

Finally, our Body Clothing Techno Science collection developed by a collaborative research between Naigai Co.,Ltd. and Tsukuba University.

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