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【Throwback Thursday】Cosplay Contest Hosted by Sakura-Con


【Throwback Thursday】Cosplay Contest Hosted by Sakura-Con

For this week's Throwback Thursday, we'd like to look back at the cosplay contest hosted by Sakura-Con at Japan Fair 2016!

Many cosplayers surprised us with their high quality cosplay!

They surprised us by being really scary too!

Last year's winner was the cosplay of Koro-sensei from Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom)!

Sadly, this year, there won't be a cosplay contest at Japan Fair. However, something good may happen to everyone who does cosplay to Japan Fair 2017!

Cosplay is when a person dresses up or wears a costume to look like a character from a book, movie, or video game. The word cosplay is a contraction of costume play, and originated in Japan after the idea of costume play was imported from the US. Now, very high quality cosplay can be seen around the world.

Come to Japan Fair 2017 to show off your cosplay and see other people cosplaying!
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【Hyogo Business and Cultural Center】~Community Friends Booth~

【Hyogo Business... 【Hyogo Business...
【Hyogo Business and Cultural Center】~Community Friends Booth~

We would like to welcome back Hyogo Business and Cultural Center to Japan Fair!

Habatan flocked around at Japan Fair last year and intrigued the visitors. What is Habatan? Habatan is a yuru-kyara of Hyogo Prefecture.
Habatan can be spotted at Japan Fair 2017, so come find him and get a picture taken together!

Did you know that Hyogo Prefecture and Washington State are sister states? Do you know what a sister state is? Similar to sister cities, sister states promote the culture and commercial ties of each other.

The Hyogo Business and Cultural Center was founded by the Hyogo Prefectural Government in 1990 to strengthen the sister state relationship between the State of Washington and Hyogo, Japan. We assist business activities between the regions, cultural programs, and promote Japanese language education.
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【handarbete】~Arts and Culture Booth~

【handarbete】~Arts and Culture Booth~

handarbete, welcome back to Japan Fair!

Did you know handarbete means handicraft in Swedish?

handarbete displays chic and sophisticated hand weaving in their products from button pins and cushions to wall art and scarves.

They also have weaving classes so you can learn to make your own scarf!
Come to the handarbete booth at Japan Fair 2017 to see the handwoven scarves in person and learn more about their classes!

"[Satoko Pettersson] lived in Sweden where hand weaving exists so close to their daily life. While [she] was inspired by its simple, clean design and color combinations, [she] mastered variety of textile making techniques." (handarbete website)

Introducing creativity through hand weaving which is fun and meditative for kids and adults.

Hand Weaving is traditional in Sweden as well as in Japan. In Japan, there's even a famous story that revolves around hand weaving called Tsuru no Onngaeshi.

The origin of hand weaving can be traced back to the Paleolithic era, as early as 27,000 years ago. However, as civilizations formed, the evolution of hand weaving differed based on the region. Learn more about European hand weaving and East Asian hand weaving.

handarbete Website
handarbete Instagram
handarbete Online Store
Japan Fair Website
Japan Fair Facebook
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【Media Monday】Lighthouse

【Media Monday】L... 【Media Monday】L...
【Media Monday】Lighthouse

Starting this Monday, we're going to start a new trend of Media Monday! Every Monday we will be introducing the media who are supporting and advertising Japan Fair. We are very thankful for everyone who is supporting us!

The first Media Monday will go to Lighthouse!

Lighthouse is a Japanese media company providing quality living information to the Japanese community from our LA, San Diego and Seattle office.  At our Seattle office, we publish a monthly magazine "Lighthouse", an annual Japanese phone directory, a guide book for Seattle & Portland with map and coupons and also maintain a Japanese portal site www.youmaga.com

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【NANCYM4 & Happiboshi】~Market Place Booth~

【NANCYM4 & Happ...
【NANCYM4 & Happiboshi】~Market Place Booth~

NANCYM4 is coming back to Japan Fair with all things kawaii!

NANCYM4 & Happiboshi are very supportive of Japan Fair with their raffle prize donations last year. They will be donating goods for the raffle this year as well, so you can look forward to that!

Come to NANCYM4 & Happiboshi's booth at Japan Fair 2017 to get your hands on their cute plushies!

Nancym4 and Happiboshi specialize in cute plushies and handmade crafts for the home, office and travel with the use of high quality fabrics, including Japan imported fabrics.  All things kawaii!
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【The School of Taiko】~Arts and Culture Booth~


【The School of Taiko】~Arts and Culture Booth~

School of Taiko overpowered the visitors with their powerful performance at Japan Fair 2016. They will be back again this year to give us another dynamic show!

They are an organization that performs at the annual World TAIKO Festival so you know they are top notch.

Come to Japan Fair 2017 to get a chance to see their powerful and dynamic taiko performance!

The cool musical performances of enthusiastic Japanese Taiko drumming with dynamic sounds and fantastic movement will give you an unforgettable summer moment by enjoyable real experiences.

The School of TAIKO founded by professional Japanese Taiko Drummer Ringtaro and his partner Asako Tateishi based in Seattle on 2009 and CHIKIRI is their leading group. 
Currently about 100 students from 5 years old to 70's enjoy the weekly Taiko Classes and performances. Also, SOT has hold "Bilingual Kids Class" for 5 - 7 years old yearly and "Bilingual Kids Taiko Summer Camp" for 4 - 7 years old kids.

CHIKIRI & SOT music which shows the good collaboration of Japanese ancient tradition and modern spirits.  And also they are trying to realize their mission make the TAIKO drumming more enjoyable and highly creative one in the community. 

Our Taiko pieces are created / arranged by Ringtaro Tateishi who used in the Walt Disney World, FL as long term entertainers and also has 28 years of experience performing in 26 countries around the world as the member of the ONDEKOZA. 

One of the highlights of our activities is the annual "Bellevue World TAIKO Festival," which began in 2014 and draws an audience of over 1,000 people from all over North America. In addition to local performers, we also invite well-known performers to be featured in this concert. We hope you'll join us at the next Bellevue World TAIKO Festival on October 5-8, 2017, at  the Carlson Theater, Bellevue College.

太鼓の学校は2009年秋、日本人プロ太鼓奏者 立石鈴太郎とパートナーのあさこによりベルビューを拠点として設立されました。


また、海外で生活する日本の子供たちが自国の文化を誇らしく感じる機会を得られるよう、また、子供たちの自尊心を高め、相互理解の一助になるようにと、年間を通して5歳から7歳のお子様を対象とした「バイリンガル子供クラス」、夏休みには4歳からを対象に「バイリンガル キッズ太鼓サマーキャンプ」を開講しています。


For more information for Booking CHIKIRI & SOT performances & Join SOT classes : www.japancreativearts.com
Bellevue World Taiko Festival
School of Taiko Facebook Page
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【Countdown】50 DAYS LEFT!!


【Countdown】50 DAYS LEFT!!

Starting today we will be counting down to July 8th! What's July 8th, you may ask? It's the first day of the two day festival in Bellevue known as Japan Fair!

Japan Fair 2017 will be held on July 8th from 10am to 6pm and on July 9th from 10am to 5pm at Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, WA.

Let all your friends know about this free event with many booths, workshops, and performances!

~Check out our Facebook page as well~
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【Throwback Thursday】JBA Flea Market 蚤の市


【Throwback Thursday】JBA Flea Market 蚤の市

Every year at Aki Matsuri and at Japan Fair 2016, Japan Business Association of Seattle (JBAS) hosted a flea market. Many people stopped by the market to get their hands on the books and goods that JBAS made available.

Even though the flea market was well known to the visitors of Aki Matsuri, many people don't know the organization running the market and what they do besides the flea market.

"[Japan Business Association of Seattle (Shunju Club)] is a membership organization comprised of Japanese businesses and their supporters. The mission of [JBAS] is to foster friendship among its members, to enhance their children's education, and to promote economic relations among its members and the local community by deepening mutual understanding." (JBA of Seattle Website)

To let the public know what JBAS is about, they have decided to set up booths with a variety of companies that are part of JBAS. Although the flea market won't be held anymore, there will be a line up of Japanese businesses from JBAS to present the large impact they have on the aircraft industry. Stay tuned for the details on what businesses will be showing up at Japan Fair 2017!
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【Ikebana International】~Arts and Culture Booth~

【Ikebana Intern... 【Ikebana Intern...
【Ikebana International】~Arts and Culture Booth~

We are pleased to welcome back Ikebana International to Japan Fair!

Last year, Ikebana International showed us their beautiful arrangement of flowers during their live demonstration. However, they only had one demonstration, making many people miss out.
This year, there will be many more opportunities to see the live demonstrations. Stay tuned for the details to come!

Make sure to visit Japan Fair 2017 to take a look at Ikebana International's booth and live demonstrations!

Want to learn more about ikebana?
Ikebana International  is a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of Ikebana, Japanese flower arranging. The Seattle Chapter 19, chartered March 16, 1959, is dedicated to cultivating and perpetuating the study of Ikebana by demonstrations and public exhibitions, with a deep purpose of establishing a better relationship among all people. The chapter is celebrating its 58th anniversary in 2017.
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【Uchikura & Co.】~Market Place Booth~

【Uchikura & Co....
【Uchikura & Co.】~Market Place Booth~

Uchikura & Co. will be joining us at Japan Fair 2017!

Uchikura & Co., founded by Kenichi Uchikura, will be bringing all kinds of companies to fill up 10 booths worth of space!
One of the companies they will bring is Kusak Cut Glass Works. They started over 100 years ago in 1914 and have been creating intricately designed glassware since.

Come to Japan Fair 2017 to check out the variety of companies Uchikura & Co. will bring! Stay tuned for more details!
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