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【Neely Mansion】~ Community Friends ~

【Neely Mansion】... Restored 1930’s... Restored 1930’s Historic Hori Family Furoba
【Neely Mansion】- Community Friends Booth!

The Hori Furoba (Bath house)

In 1929 Shigeichi (Jack) and Shimano Hori leased the Neely property and lived in the mansion with their four sons and one daughter.

Jack ran a small dairy and produce farm,but also worked at the F. H. Hogue packing shed in Kent. Shimano’s brother, Jitsuo Otoshi, and his wife lived in a small house on the property and helped with the farm operations.

One traditional aspect of Japanese life on the farm was the furoba, or bath house. Most families in the valley had constructed such a small building for use after a hard day of labor.

The Hori Bath House, constructed in 1930, is a one-story wood frame structure that measures 10 by 16 feet. The interior is divided into two rooms. Frank Hori (son) remembers that an entrance and window were in the first room, and a curtained door lead to the back room with the tub.

According to Mary Hori Nakamura (daughter), “We would wash ourselves outside the tub and rinse ourselves off in the front room, and then go into the back room and get in the tub to soak. The whole family took baths every night.” The bath was used to relax and socialize.

The Hori Beth House still stands behind the Neely Mansion. It has been named a King County Landmark, as it is the only such structure existing in the county today.

It has recently been restored to its former appearance. The Neely Mansion Association received funds from 4Culture and King County to restore the historic building. The interior includes a soaking tub and laundry area exhibit that portrays the 1930s era.

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【Market to Japan】~ Market Place ~

【Market to Japa...
【Market to Japan】- Market Place Booth!

Market to Japan helps small to mid-sized companies become cross-cultural businesses between the North American and Japanese market.

At Japan Fair, we showcase a collection of NAIGAI legwear that is designed and made in Japan. One collection which focuses on high quality and sophisticated fashion will be displayed.

The URUNA collection provides a simple solution for women who deserve relaxation and healthiness for their feet.

Finally, our Body Clothing Techno Science collection developed by a collaborative research between Naigai Co.,Ltd. and Tsukuba University.

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【ICC Consultants】~ Community Friends ~

【ICC Consultant...
【ICC Consultants】- Community Friends Booth!

Established in 1973, ICC Consultants is an international study consulting company, headquartered in Tokyo, offering an array of international exchange programs. ICC's commitment to excellence, and unique approach to exchange study programs continues to earn the trust of over one thousand participants annually.

Please stop by our booth, as our students will be having some kids activities such as Origami and Menko (Japanese card slapping game).


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【Tomo "Angie" Hoku】~ Japan Fair 2016 MC ~

Tomo "Angie" Hoku Tomo "Angie" Hoku
【Tomo "Angie" Hoku】~ Japan Fair 2016 MC ~

Japan Fair is proud to present Tomo "Angie" Hoku as our MC for our Event Stage.

Tomo (AKA Angie) has been a bilingual emcee for many years in both Hawaii and Seattle, doing various events involving Hawaiian music, hula, information technology and/or food & hospitality industries. She also works as an event promoter: she has done many Hawaiian- and Japanese-related events, and more recently is supporting Bollywood (Indian) events in the Puget Sound area. She also consults with local restaurants, training staff to provide the best in customer service.

Tomo works freelance as an interpreter and translator as well as a tour coordinator, and is also a regular contributor as a travel writer for a Japanese magazine. And as if those gigs aren't keeping her busy enough, she occasionally (and secretly?) appears as Clara, the famous Ivar's Dancing Clam.

Tomo is very excited to be part of Japan Fair 2016. Please come talk stories with her in Japanese, English, Hawaiian, Hindi or "Mollusk".


通訳者&翻訳者としてのキャリアも長く、またツアー・コーディネータとして、そして数々の旅の経験から、ツアー・ライターとしての顔も持っている、忙しい彼女。さらには、老舗レストランIvar's のマスコット、”ダンシング・クラム”として踊りながら、ホスピタリティ業務を極めているのだとか。

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【Event Stage Schedule】

Event Stage Schedule Event Stage Schedule 【Event Stage Sc...
Here is our Event Stage Schedule for Japan Fair 2016!!!

We hope you are able to come and enjoy the amazing performances we have in store.
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ジャパンフェア 2016 - ポスター

ジャパンフェア 2016 ポス... ジャパンフェア 2016 ポスター
みんな叻で「 秋祭り」 を引き継ごう!




9月3日(土) 午前10時〜午後6時

9月4日(日) 午前10時〜午後5時





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Japan Fair 2016 - Official Flyer

Japan Fair 2016 Official Flyer Japan Fair 2016 Official Flyer
We proudly present: Japan Fair 2016

Main Website:

Obento Presale:

Volunteer Application:

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【School of Taiko】~ Raffle Sponsor ~

【School of Taik...
【School of Taiko】- Raffle Sponsor

Thank you School of Taiko for donating raffle items to Japan Fair!.

2 Certificates for One Hour Introduction Class Lesson for 2 People

This program was built by the world class instructor/performer Ringtaro Tateishi. Discover the joy of taiko drumming!

The School of Taiko was established in October 2009 by Ringtaro and Asako Tateishi. Through TAIKO classes, education, and public performance, we encourage mutual understanding among different cultures and generations. We share our own cultural roots in positive ways while spreading Japanese culture.

The School of Taiko will perform at Japan Fair 2016 on Sunday, September 4th, at 3:30pm.

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【The French Bakery】~ Raffle Sponsor ~

【The French Bak...
【The French Bakery】- Raffle Sponsor

Thank you The French Bakery for donating raffle items to Japan Fair!.

7" Black Forest Cake Certificate

7" Fresh Strawberry Cake Certificate

We are passionate about baking the best tasting pastries, breads and desserts every day to serve only the freshest food for our customers.

At the beginning of each morning, we combine the highest quality ingredients into our dough as we begin the process of making each individual pastry and bread. Our dedicated and determined team of bakers and chefs roll and cut every pastry and bread by hand.

As the ovens warm up, we begin baking each tray of dough and soon the nice aroma of butter, sweet fruits, cheeses and dough fill our bakery and cafe. We carefully select only the finest ingredients to make and serve the freshest, best-tasting food each and every day.

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【ENFU】~ Raffle Sponsor ~

【ENFU】~ Raffle ...
【ENFU】- Raffle Sponsor

Thank you ENFU for donating raffle items to Japan Fair!.

36" x 36" Food Wall Art

Ken "Enfu" Taya enjoys his day job in the video game industry as an artist for titles ranging in style from Halo 3, (XBO 360) to Scribblenauts Unmasked (WiiU, PC, 3DS) to name a few.

His commissioned illustrations and murals can be seen in stores and restaurants across the Pacific Northwest, and his popular bilingual comic, I Fart Rainbow, enjoys success in print and digital media outlets.

Enfu's brand extends into his Enfu Snaps custom trucker hat line, Bombsheller Leggings, PAOM shirts, ENFU: Cute Grit book published by Chin Music Press, and the new ENFU Stick-Chat app.

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