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【Sugamo Advance School】~Community Friends Booth~

【Sugamo Advance... 【Sugamo Advance...
【Sugamo Advance School】~Community Friends Booth~

Sugamo Advance School will be joining us at Japan Fair 2017!

Sugamo offers Japanese lessons to students of all ages and levels. Along with teaching Japanese, they help Japanese students test into schools in Japan, introduce Japanese culture to all the students through Japanese activities and events, and give lessons to the parents on their educational values.

Come to Japan Fair 2017 and stop by Sugamo Advance School's booth to learn more about their programs!

Sugamo advance school offers Japanese lessons for all levels. 
We also specializes in entrance exam test prep for students preparing to enter the Japanese education system from middle school to university.
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【ICC Consultants】~Community Friends Booth~

【ICC Consultant... 【ICC Consultant...
【ICC Consultants】~Community Friends Booth~

Welcome back to Japan Fair, ICC Consultants!

Since last year, Japan Fair has had volunteers from ICC help run the show! Without the volunteers, Japan Fair 2016 wouldn't have been as great as it was. We're getting help from them this year as well to provide a very enjoyable event for everyone who comes!

ICC is known to bring Japanese students and interns into the US, but did you know that they send interns into Japan as well? Since 2011, they've been sending interns from the US to Japan. Learn more at their website!

Established in 1973, ICC Consultants is an international study consulting company, headquartered in Tokyo, offering an array of international exchange programs. ICC's commitment to excellence, and unique approach to exchange study programs continues to earn the trust of over one thousand participants annually.

ICC English Website
ICC 日本語 ウェブサイト
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【Hyogo Business and Cultural Center】~Community Friends Booth~

【Hyogo Business... 【Hyogo Business...
【Hyogo Business and Cultural Center】~Community Friends Booth~

We would like to welcome back Hyogo Business and Cultural Center to Japan Fair!

Habatan flocked around at Japan Fair last year and intrigued the visitors. What is Habatan? Habatan is a yuru-kyara of Hyogo Prefecture.
Habatan can be spotted at Japan Fair 2017, so come find him and get a picture taken together!

Did you know that Hyogo Prefecture and Washington State are sister states? Do you know what a sister state is? Similar to sister cities, sister states promote the culture and commercial ties of each other.

The Hyogo Business and Cultural Center was founded by the Hyogo Prefectural Government in 1990 to strengthen the sister state relationship between the State of Washington and Hyogo, Japan. We assist business activities between the regions, cultural programs, and promote Japanese language education.
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【The Historic Hori Family Bath House at the Neely Mansion】~Community Friends Booth~

【The Historic H... 【The Historic H...
【The Historic Hori Family Bath House at the Neely Mansion】~Community Friends Booth~

We would like to welcome back Neely Mansion and the Historic Hori Family Bath House to Japan Fair!

Back in 1930, the Hori family brought a tradition of Japanese life on the farm to the Neely property of the Green River Valley.

The 10’ by 16’ small wooden building was divided into two rooms for washing and bathing. The building was restored by the Neely Mansion Association in 2016, and can be seen behind the Neely Mansion.

Japanese families in the Green River Valley built small bathhouses for use after a hard day of labor on their farms. The newly restored Hori Bathhouse (furoba), constructed in 1930, is a one-story wood frame structure, measuring 10' by 16'.  The interior is divided into 2 rooms; the first room was used for laundry, and a soaking tub (furo) was located in the back room.

Located directly behind Neely Mansion, 12303 SE Auburn-Black Diamond Road, Auburn WA  98092.  Public tours of the gated Bathhouse, Mansion and gardens take place during Summer Tours and other events.  Please check our website or Facebook pages for dates and times.
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【Sagalingua Language】~Community Friends Booth~

【Sagalingua Lan... 【Sagalingua Lan...
【Sagalingua Language】~Community Friends Booth~

We are pleased to welcome Sagalingua Language to Japan Fair 2017!

Want to learn a new language? Want to get better at a language? Learn the culture as well with one-on-one private lessons at Sagalingua Language! 英語を習いたい?英語をもっと上達させたい?サガリンガの個人レッスンで文化と共に英語を習おう!

Sagalingua Language & Culture Coaching is a women-owned, small business in the Eastside, conveniently located close to Bellevue downtown. It was founded by Sandri Richardson, originally from South Africa, and Galia Dadiomova, originally from Russia, who both immigrated to the US 18 years ago. Because of their own experiences, they started Sagalingua to help other immigrants adjust to their new environment, engage in their community, and learn new language skills.

Sagalingua provides language and culture coaching, for adults and children, in 14 languages, taught by native teachers: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Polish, Serbian, Hungarian and Afrikaans. We specialize in one-on-one private lessons and small groups of up to 4 students.

We accept email inquiries in all 14 languages and can provide a translator to help with the initial appointment if necessary. We also offer free language level assessments and allow new moms to bring their babies with them to class.

Sagalingua wants to promote understanding and a sense of community between people from many different cultures. Students can join our monthly international book club or participate in monthly field trips to interesting local places like Bellevue Arts Museum, go blueberry picking, or attend a Mariners baseball game.

Our tagline is: Sagalingua – We Speak Your Language!






Sagalingua Website
Sagalingua Facebook
Sagalingua Yelp
Japan Fair Website
Japan Fair Facebook
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【ArtRise Dance】~Community Friends Booth~

【ArtRise Dance】... 【ArtRise Dance】...
【ArtRise Dance】~Community Friends Booth~

ArtRise Dance will be back at Japan Fair 2017 with their elegant and dynamic performances!

We are very thankful for ArtRise Dance's support through donations!

At Japan Fair 2016, ArtRise Dance's exciting performances on stage displayed their extensive range of talent from elegant ballet to dynamic dance shows. We are looking forward to their performance this year!

Whether you dance, want to start dancing, or want to watch some dancing, come to Japan Fair 2017 to see ArtRise Dance's performances and booth. They will be hosting summer camps in August, so come take a look and become a part of their dance crew!

ArtRise Dance offers classes for all ages, levels and backgrounds to discover the joy of movement in a welcoming, all-embracing space.

ArtRise Dance passionately believes in making dance exciting while inspiring the next generation with diverse music and art. 

It is our goal to offer dance that communicates to, and welcomes all people regardless of gender, race, social or cultural backgrounds.
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