I just hope Tiny has long life ...

I hope Tiny will live long...
I do not want to loose another one.
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Mayumi's Mom is Heading Back to Japan

Have a good trip back to Japan.
Mayumi's mom was visiting Mayumi to see Tiny. I hope this will not be the last time her mom sees Tiny. Tiny has been doing well for last few months.
#TinyIsHere #pompomwashere


New Coffee Roaster ...

It is not new, this was my first time I visited there. Friendly people with good selection of coffee and things to eat. It is refreshing to see someone other than Starbuck.
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Compare Two Mountains

Mt. Fuji
From Shinakansen
Mr. Rainier
From Boeing 777-200
Top is the Mt. Fuji in Tokyo.
bottom is the Mt. Rainier in Washington.
Both are beautiful.
#MtFuji #MtRainier


Heading Back to Seattle

I am done with my business trip to Japan and I am on my way back to Seattle.
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After the morning eeting, we had little time for sight seeing. This is one of the places I visited today. Hakata is an interesting city. I hope we we can Develop some business relationships so I can come back again.
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Arrived at Hakata

This is my last destination of this trip.
I arrive at Hakata by air.
I took subways to get to my hotel.
It is already a midnight.
I am going to sleep now.
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I lost my daughter 8 years ago today.

I will see you again, Anna!!!


Fake Phishing Mail

I received the email deactivation notice ...
This is not sent ny my company ... they are trying bring customers to their hosting. No a good tactics.
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Security Camera at Public Park

When you look closely, you will find many security cameras installed by the city in Japan. I am sure they are being recorded but are they monitored ... do they have any automated monitoring syste?


Japanese Convenience Stores

There are three major convenience stores chains in Japana and those are

- Seven Eleven (Seven and I Holdings)
- Family Mart
- Lawson

They all have very similar offerings and product line ups. They are trying to out do with other by offering something different. For instance, this is a picture of Lawson 100 ... Almost everything this store have is 100 yen. It is much like DAISO 100 yen store.

100 yen equal to about $0.92 ... With Japanese sales tax of 8%, everything with tax is 108 yen ... that is about $1.00.
#JapaneseConvenienceStores #valueproposition #pspinc #marketing


Precooked Foods at Japanese Market

Japanese precooked foods are supper impressive and very inexpensive.,


Going shopping with my parents.

It is good to see my parents.


A Monkfish Hot Pot

My friend KUMA cooed me a monkfish hot pot yesterday from the scratch ... This was the best monkfish I have ever eaten. You should do business with VEGA SYSTEMS so that you may be invited to his home cooking.


BTW, KUMA is the foremost experiment the “Power Over Ethernet” in the world.
#VegaSystems #Kuma


So Much Salt

Salt 6.7g ... 6,700mg
I should intake less than 2,000mg/day
I know it would be very difficult to sustain my low salt diet in Japan. Take a look at this Yakisoba instant noodle ... Iy contains 4 days worth of salt allowance in just one cup.
#LowSalt #Japan #Diet


Sleepless in Tokyo

My last meeting last night was at Shibuya
This is a picture of Shibuya Scramble Crossing
I am having trouble sleeping.
I am having little hard time adjusting to Japan time.
It is 5:30am .... I have been up for already 2 hours.

Today is Friday here in Tokyo ... I will be done with my work in Tokyo today.
I hope to rest more tonight.


First Day in Tokyo

Last Night
Today was my first day in Tokyo,


Location Revealed


My plane just arrived.

You can see ASIANA in the distance.
It looks like my plane to Incheon (Asiana) just arrived ... It is going to be late for 25 minutes for now. My connection flight to Haneda is an hour later than my usual flight to Narita. I should be okay with the connection.


New Drawing Project

This is after 4 hours
I started new drawing project.
This is little simpler than the Tokyo Staion I drew.
Do you know where this is?


Cheap PC

I cannot even get parts for this PC at this price.
Target is cute!
There is nothing wrong with buying and using cheap PCs.
So long as you take care of it, few hundred dollars would go a long ways.


In three days, I will be in Tokyo

My first trip of the year to Japan is coming in two days and in three days I will be standing in Tokyo.
#valueproposition #pspinc #marketing


I must learn from this.

I really have to learn from this.


KC-46 Aircraft at Boeing Field

KC-46 Aircraft at Boeing Field
I took this picture last Christmas
Now it is in Kansas
The Air Force said McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kansas, will receive the first four KC-46 aircraft, all of which are ready for delivery. Four subsequent aircraft are destined for Oklahoma’s Altus Air Force Base, starting as early as next month.


Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. 6

CRM / Customer Relationship Management
Dear Reader,

When you hear a word CRM, you immediately think it is very expensive and is for large corporations only. But everyone, including yourself, manages your customer information in some ways including email archive and in your head. When I travel to Japan, I usually stay at the same hotel in Tokyo. The doorman at the hotel remember me and when I arrive from the airport he looked at me said “Welcome back Mr. Uchikura. How long are you going to stay with us?”. This was very nice and I really went out of my way to stay at this hotel. This is a CRM at work.

Everyone wants to be treated specially. So, when you are treated differently from others, you feel good. When customers contact you by email or telephone, it helps to know who the customer is, doesn’t it? That is unless you already know who the customer is.

So for me, CRM is not something that is special. It should not be for large companies only. Regardless of the size of the company, if you can know who the customer is, it will help your company provide better service. If you want to try CRM, we've built a very simple CRM that you can use for free. If you are interested in trying it out, please let me know, I will set it up for you.

So the next time, when someone contacts you, you and your staff know who the person is. That will make a huge difference in the impression of the people who contact you. You don’t have to use our CRM but if you do not have CRM for your company, there is no cost for this one. I cannot sell it cheaper than that.

If you have a question about computers and IT … please let me know. If you have a good experience, please share it with me. I would like to learn from you. If you had a bad experience, let me know. I would like to learn that too. I am writing this newsletter to let you know what I know, but at the same time, I really like to know what you know. By you hearing from me, if you come up with a business idea, please share it with me. That is the purpose of my newsletter.

If you do not want to receive this email, please use the unsubscribe link. Your email will be deleted from my contact list immediately. If you want to add someone to this database, please list http://www.uchikura.co to add the email address. Please contact me with your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you.
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A New Cute Girl Visited PSP

We had a visit from very cute girl ... She gave me a kiss.
Her name is Orio.
She is only two month old.
I am looking forward to having her at PSP regularly.
#valueproposition #pspinc #pompomwashere


After 8 Months

I stated swimming a day after Pompom passed last year. It has been over 8 months. About 6 month ago, I joined the Master Swimmer Class to improve my swimming skills. Today, my coach gave me this swimming cap. Other master swimmers before me wear them. I am very proud to revive this.

I hope to improve my swimming this year.
#YMCABellevue #MasterSwimmer #ValueProposition


Problem by Design

Reebok Zig
I have been wearing pictured shoes for a while in the office. When I meet someone, I will change to the dress shoes. This shoes looked very comfortable and flexible ... I thought it was a great design. Many people complemented as well.

But those shoes have design problem. I am sure designers and manufacturer did not realized when they produced them. The problem is ... this shoes pick up small stones. I always see few small stone in my car and in my office. I was wondering where they came from ... now I know.

Designing a product and using it in the real life is different. This happens a lot in our software development industry.
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The Internet, Reading, and You

When's the last time you read something online that was truly informative or inspiring? If you can't remember, you're not alone. With so many things to read with a simple click, many of us have become 'headline-only' or 'subject-line-only' readers.

Record your article and post it using ClickItAudio.


Integrates audio seamlessly into your website or blog!
Non-invasive, non-intrusive - by embedding a small code snippet into your website or blog you can load our simple audio player button. Push it once to play, and again to pause. It’s that easy to use.
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PSPinc 2019 Kick Off

I treat the company as a startup ... Each one of us is responsible for the future of this company. We have very good people working with us.
#valueproposition #pspinc


Japanese Cosmetics in Bellevue

New cosmetic store has opened inside Asian Family Market in Bellevue, WA. Although it is Chinese owned market, almost everything they have in the store is MADE in JAPAN. They must like Japanese cosmetics.

It is funny, when I met someone when I flew out to Seattle via Korea, she was going to Korea (Seoul) just purchase Korean cosmetics. Japanese people like Korean cosmetics and Chinese people like Japanese ... Hmmm What do korean people like?



Played Golf ... Just 9 Holes.

First golf og 2019
I three putted 3 times ... Bad putting.
I played golf today with friends. IT was just too cold. We finished after 9. I will be meeting them for dinner tonight.


Seattle at Night

It is a beautiful city ... too bad the city is being run by people who are very anti-business.


Competing with a Giant

Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. 5
Competing with a Giant

This is my 5th newsletter and the first newsletter of 2019. I hope you have enjoyed the last 4 newsletters. Happy New Year to everyone.

2019 has arrived and we all are one year younger. Hopefully, we are all one year wiser as well. In the US, there are more people working for companies with less than 100 people than those working for large companies combined. But when you watch TV commercials, you only see advertisements from large companies. I own and operate a software development company which produces web and email hosting services. We serve over 40,000 companies but we are not large like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Microsoft, GoDaddy …

We have a smaller R&D budget. We have a much smaller marketing budget. How do you compete with those giants? They have everything and we have nothing. It is impossible to fight against those giants. But when you look closely, there are a few areas you can always compete and even win. Those areas are:

(1) Speed of development
(2) Personalized customer service
(3) Listening to customers

These areas are the ones that smaller companies can always win over large corporations. I understand you may have a better product than giants, but you will never win until you focus on what made you better than them in the first place. I am focusing on those elements to make our company grow. Products we develop will not have all the bells & whistles of those from larger companies, but it is more focused on our clients’ needs. We can always customize our products to fit the needs of companies which large companies will not.

So, I want small business owners and staff to stop complaining about the lack of budget. Enjoy the freedom you have to provide better service to your customers. Take care of every customer, one customer at a time. You will always be a go-to company for your customer. You want to be the most popular local restaurant instead of the national chain. And when you grow to be a giant, you need to make sure you leave some room for small guys to grow. That is the responsibility of being big.

If you have a question about computers and IT … please let me know. If you have a good experience, please share it with me. I would like to learn from you. If you had a bad experience, let me know. I would like to learn that too. I am writing this newsletter to let you know what I know, but at the same time, I really like to know what you know. By you hearing from me, if you come up with a business idea, please share it with me. That is the purpose of my newsletter.

If you do not want to receive this email, please use the unsubscribe link. Your email will be deleted from my contact list immediately. If you want to add someone to this database, please list http://www.uchikura.co to add the email address. Please contact me with your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you.
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I went to old SEARS building in Bellevue/Redmond ... I saw parking lot full of Tesla cars. They are all brand new. I think they are waiting to be delivered since Unlike other car manufacturers Tesla cars are made to order, so there should not be any unsold inventory at the site.
#valueproposition #marketing


Fighting SPAM Emails

When you send email to spamcollect@pspinc.com
You will receive email confirming that we have received the email.
PSPinc launched a service end of last year to fight against ever increasing SPAM and Phishing emails. PSPinc provides anti-SPAM filtering system called FIFTI to stamp [POSSIBLE SPAM] in front of the subject on email. It is up to the user to SPAM out those email stumped using build-in SPAM filtering.

We have created the system to collect those SPAM email that got through. If you find those SPAM emails, just create an email and attach those SPAM and send them to spamcollect@pspinc.com. We will evaluate those email and place them in FIFTI.

This is one more way how wa protect your email.
#valueproposition #pspinc #marketing #Dreamersi #EmailHosting #SPAMFiltering


New Year Mailbox Clean Up

This is what I have on my local drive.
Every first working day of the year, I clean up my mailbox by moving last year's mails to my local computer's hard disk drive. The only thing that will remain in my mail is what I have in the inbox. I still have access to all my old emails from last year on my computer ... just not from the other computer.
#valueproposition #pspinc


What is USB Dead Drop?

Do you know what USB Dead Drop is?

This will explain what it is ... but even if you find it, I recommend not to do this.

Following URL is the link to USB Dead Drop Location Database ...


What is USB Dead Drop?

A USB dead drop is a USB mass storage device installed in a public space. For example, a USB flash drive might be mounted in an outdoor brick wall and fixed in place with fast concrete.[1] Members of the public are implicitly invited to find files, or leave files, on a dead drop by directly plugging their laptop into the wall-mounted USB stick in order to transfer data. (It is also possible to use smartphones and tablets for this purpose, by utilizing a USB on-the-go cable.) The dead drops can therefore be regarded as an anonymous, offline, peer-to-peer file sharing network. However, in practice USB dead drops are often used for social or artistic reasons, rather than for practical ones.


On December 30th

Someone tried to break in to my car ... The door was locked and was not able to open. So, he left except, he must have realized he was on camera ... He broke the parameter sensor. What a looser.


Have you checked Kiroboto?

Kiroboto allows you to promote your website, sales and even Amazon and eBay posting for free. Check it out for your business ,,, The is absolutely no cost to you. And if you want Kiroboto to do the credit card processing for you, the charge os only 5%.


Kiroboto is developed by Ken Uchikura ... Yes I made this.
#valueproposition #pspinc #marketing #kiroboto


This is why I love dogs.

I want to be like dogs. Dos do not complain no matter how painful, sad or hard it is for them. They are always happy to see you. They are just so special. I miss my dog and nothing can replace him. I leave message to him everyday. I hope someday I will play with him again. I am sure if we meet again, he will be so happy to see me. I will be happy to see him too.



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