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I went to a seminar hosted at Microsoft by 5 Seattle Executives Association member companies. Those companies are;






The main topic of seminar was to explain how to streamline your business with technologies that are available and offered through those companies. I was really impressed with what they can offer. I am sure some of those people who presented will be reading blog. So, here is my message to you.

Great presentation. It was really informative and well organized. I did not fell a sleep. That says a lot. Thank you and looking forward to working with you all.

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We have created bloguru download function for you. If you are planning to save what you have posted, please do so by using this new function.

BTW, one of the reasons why we have made this function is that we are making GROUP BLOG as paid function. Starting in June, GROUP BLOG will be provided only to people and companies paid the fee. If you are not a paid member, your GROUP BLOG will not be accessible. So, please use the download function to save your GROUP BLOG within next 30 days.

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Photo Album Program Update Complete

We just finished upgrading the photo album program. (
This upgrade is design to speed up the site response time by 500%. Try it, you will see the fifference.

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This is what we do.

This is the statement that we use to describe what we do at Seattle Executives Association. We have added web development in our classification.

Email and Web server hosting and Web development

PSP provides reliable hosting services for your Website and Emails. PSP also provides other internet solutions such as Email broadcast system, online storage, large file transfer system, and more. Our datacenter is located in Fisher Plaza, a state-of-the-art facility that can withstand major natural disasters and keep your business data safe. We use proprietary technology and systems that we build in-house with our own research and development team.

PSP also has experienced and skilled Web architects that can develop a dynamic and functional site for your business. We can develop and customize our solutions to fit your Internet needs.



PSPINC Changed Its Tag Line

PSPINC has changed its company tag line from FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS, NOT YOUR IT to YOUR ONE SOURCE PROVIDER FOR INTERNT & COMPUTER SERVICES. We believe this is more direct and easier to understand what we do.
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Great Car Wash Deal --- Park Place LTD

I went to PARK PLACE LTD in Bellevue to wash my car. They have all hand washed card wash at very reasonable price of $24.95. I was really impressed with their work with our company cars, so I decided to go there myself.

When I went there, there were about 3 cars in front of me. They told me it is going t be about 35 minuets. I said Okay and went inside. When I was ready to pay, the lady at the counter told me that they are running special. If AI buys 8 car washes for $199, they will give me additional 4 car washes. Even with sales tax, the wash is going to be $18.25. It is a great deal and needless to say I bought it. If you live in the eastside, you should buy this. You can’t even buy a machine wash for that price any more.

While I was waiting for my car to be washed, I walked over to the dealership. I met David Bruski. I’ve known him since 1996. When to PARK PLACE LTD open its first web site, I and David work together to create that web site. Since they we have become a friend. If you are buying a car from to PARK PLACE LTD, ask for David Bruski and mention my name. He should be able to help you out.
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Posting from Cellular Phone is HERE!



How log is an idea?

How log is an idea?

Everything starts with an idea.

What if?
How come?
Why, why not?
So what?

Whenever we think, we have an idea. Idea to do things better, faster, easier, cheaper and so on. It used to require a lot of money and time to invent things. But using computer, you can create things much easier.

Do not waist your What If moment. When you have an idea, do something. Idea is just an idea and will not do you any good. Talk to people about your idea. It is better than not doing anything. Even if your idea is stolen, at least it is out there.

It is important to have network of people you can talk to. So when you have an idea, you can talk to people who can make it happen. Any idea, you will need people to make it happen. You need people for money, sweat, marketing and even more ideas. Having network of people is very important to make idea happen.

If you want your idea to go somewhere, you need to start developing your network.
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24" Monitor for $199

I found this deal on the net. If you are still using CRT monitor, do yourself a favor and buy this monitor. $199 is a great price and 24” size will make your life much easier.

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SPAM Filtering

We have developed SPAM and Virus filtering system, which we have installed in our hosting environment for last few weeks. We have intentionally set the detection level low to make sure it does not stamp any valid email as SPAM. We have been slowly increasing the security level of this software.

Yesterday, we may have increased the security level too much. We have two resellers reported that we filtered out too much email and they would like to know what we did. Well, to make it more transparent, we have decided to start a blog explaining what exactly we are doing. I will let you know the blog address as soon as it becomes available.
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