Let's give it a shot!!

Do you know the meaning of the following kanjis?

Human ( hito )

Heart ( kokoro )

Respect ( sonkei )

How did it go? Did you make it?? If you have any questions, let us know info@uhikura.co.
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Bento お弁当

Have you ever had Obento?
You can buy bento meal at train stations in Japan.
It usually cost between 500 yen to 1500 yen.

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Japanese Calligraphy

Can you understand the meaning of this kanji?

The Japanese calligraphy called shodo is one of the most sophisticated arts in Japan.

These days, most Japanese usually use pencils or ballpoints to write letters and other documents. But the Japanese calligraphy, where an ink-dipped brush is used artistically to create Japanese-kanji and Japanese-kana characters, remains a traditional part of Japan’s culture.

As an example, Japanese students learn the basics of calligraphy in penmanship classes during the elementary school.

On top of that, at the beginning of year Japanese write calligraphy known as kakizome, where they create calligraphic works symbolizing their wishes and hopes for the new year.

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原宿 Harajyuku

JR Yamanote Line
Harajyuku Station
JR 山手線
Takeshita Street
Habve you ever heard Harajyuku?
What did you hear about it?

If you have been there, tell us what do you think of the district?
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Japanese Train System

Have you ever been to Japan?
If so, what is your impression of Japanese train system?

Japan has one of the most well run train systems in the world.
It is so funny to see PA system apologizing for train being late for 2 minutes.
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Fun Fact about Japan!!!

Escalator ... Which side do you stand?
Taking escalator up or down, when you do not want to walk, which side of the step do you stand?

In Osaka (or Kansai ... West Side of Japan), people stand on the right side. But in Tokyo, people stand on the left. Does anyone know why?

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