Sign of Me Getting Old

I saw an advertisement email from FORD.

"Arriving fall 2019 to join its GT350 stablemate, Shelby GT500 is designed to be the ultimate driver’s car, ready to attack on all fronts – on the drag strip*, producing more than 700 horsepower** via its first-in-class dual-clutch transmission with launch control, and on the track, with its race-bred chassis, Ford Performance-spec Michelin Pilot tires, massive Brembo brakes and performance aerodynamics, and on the street…"

I am sure I used to be very excited to watch and hear about the car like this. I do still think it looks cool but I am now more interested in quiet comfort and safe ride with as close to autonomous driving capability as possible.

I am very happy with my Subaru Outback. I have avoided at least three accidents because the car stopped by itself. Also I love the fact my car seems to invisible to place. This morning I was doing 10 miles over the limit to move to left lane to let the speeding car pass me. Well, the speeding car was Bellevue Police Car.
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My Apple Watch is just a Watch Now

If you consider my Apple Watch works only as a watch, I am sure Cheap TIMEX would work just as well.
I reported that my Apple Watch developed problem over the weekend. The watch does not sense my touch in the middle of the screen. I was able to reset the Apple Watch and changed my pass code not to include 2-5-8-0 numbers. Those numbers are located where it lost sense.

However my Apple Watch is now just a watch. I think I have to retire it. The question is, should I buy another one or not.
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Kiroboto February 25, 2019

Kiroboto allows you to post your sale online for free even if it not being sold at Kiroboto. For instance, you can promote your Amazon sale and eBay sale items on Kiroboto at no cost. And if you decided to sell it at Kiroboto, your fee is limited to 5%.
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Every action has equal and opposite reaction.

Use your energy wisely. ;)


Apple Watch Generation 2

My Apple Waych Gen 2 started to have problem. It does not sense any touch in the middle of the screen where key code shows 2-5-8-0. My unlock codes uses those numbers and was not able to unlock. I try to reset several times but I think it is a hardware issue. I check my Apple Care but it was expired. I guess I had it more tha 3 years.

I have manage to rest the watch and reset the code not to use 2-5-8-0 ... So I was able to unlock the watch but non of the application can work properly since it can not sense the touch in the middle of the screen. I think I will retire this watch and put it on the display at PSPinc.


Ezell's Famous Chicken 35 Year Anniversary

Today Ezell's celebrates "Ezell's Famous Chicken" 35 Year Anniversary. I was going to attend the celebration, but I came down with nasty cold. So I decided to skip ... I did not want to Gove this to anyone.

I am very happy to know the people at Ezell's and I hope they well. Yesterday, PSPinc. we had monthly staff lunch. We ordered Ezell's.
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Store and Event Feedback Kiosk

This Is a demo video ... Please excuse some sounds.
Store and Event Feedback Kiosk in action.
This is our first prototype.


Store and Event Feedback Kiosk

The prototype is almost ready.
Two designers are hard at work at PSPinc.
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A New Friend

Squirrel ... It came very close to me.
He must have been hungry.

So cute.
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Funny Pictures with Captions



Two Things That Attracts Me about 2020 Subaru

2020 Subaru Legacy
(1) Instead of lake keeping, 2020 Subaru has lane centering.
(2) Instead of 3.6L Boxter Engine, Subaru offers 2.5L Turbo.

Wish list.

(1) Plug-in Hybrid
(2) Outback instead of Legacy

I have been driving 2017 Subaru Outback 3.6R Touring. I will be looking at another Subaru in 2020.

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I learned something today.

I always though about this but I really could not say it better than this.

It’s almost impossible to change someone’s mind using facts. This happens due to ‘motivated reasoning,’ a psychology term that refers to the way people usually believe whatever they want to believe and use the flimsiest piece of evidence to justify that belief, even when there is plenty of verified evidence to disprove it.
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We made this!!!
December 1996
December 1996 ... PSPinc developed and released this web page.
This is the first page for Tully's Coffee.
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New Avatar

I drew this this morning.


How I miss Pompom

I still miss him a lot.
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Dreamersi Web and Email Hosting Service

Dreamersi Hosting Service in 2000
Dreamersi Hosting Service in 2000
Dreamersi Hosting Service in 2000
Dreamersi Hosting Service in 2000
Dreamersi Hosting Service in 2000
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Fry's Electronic in Renton

I cannot remember when I was at Fry's last time.
I used to go to Fry's in San Jose long time ago.
I used to love the store.

I saw an online advertisement and found that they have $2.00 sandwich.
I think that was a good enough reason to go there.

I ended up buying nice headset.
Store looks very empty and not well stocked.
I hope they are doing okay.


Web Hosting Business Since 1996

What you are looking at are the web pages from back in 1996/1997.
Yes, we have been hosting and developing website for 23 years.

Some of the people developing websites nowadays were not even born.
We have build the website from the HTML 1.0 to current.
We have upgraded our system every year since we have started.

I think it is safe to say we know what we are doing.
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My Newsletter 2/7/19


Nobody doesn't want to be complimented. “Good Job”, “Nice Work”, “Great Idea” even just a “Thank you” would make their day. But in addition to those regular compliments, people enjoy being called “Crazy”, “Weird”, “Miss Fits”, “Different” and other usually uncomplimentary words. That is because everyone, somewhere deep down, wants to stand out from the rest.

It's funny most people want to get along with others but at the same time, people want to be different from others. Old Apple commercial emphasized that people who use Apple is different from others. That was brilliant. I wanted to be different and I started to use Apple. Now I am not sure Apple represents what I am anymore. But that is another story.

To accomplish higher customer satisfaction, many companies try to create a "cut cake" (by the book) approach to customer service. Treating every customer like a king. But the service level usually goes down the drain. Nobody is treated like somebody anymore. I understand this for large companies. They can not really keep track of each customer. But for small companies, that is where you shine.

If you know the history of your companies relationship with the clients, you can treat each customer like they are someone important. When I had cable (I do not have cable TV anymore), when I called for support, after a long wait, the first thing the support person asked me was “is your cable box turned on?”

If your company can provide better individual support, customers will like you more. But some small companies think they can charge more for better service. I say that is wrong. You provide better service to retain your customer, not make more money. If you charge your customer more, they will go find another company.

Treating your customer better at the same price is the key to small business success.
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Clearing Snow

Our people did a great job clearing snows from the drive ways.
People are having no trouble this morning.
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It does not look like Bellevue.
There is no new snow but we had enough snow for last one week to be melted away. Roads are still very slick and wet. People are having hard time showing up for work.
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Another Round of Snow is Coming Down

Bellevue Family YMCA
This Morning
It is snowing again ...
I was able to go to Y and swam this morning.
I am getting tired for this snow.
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I like this.
I am sick of entertainers taking on issues.
Please entertain us.


Morning Exercise / Before and After

Entry to 1402 R&D Building
Entry to 1402 R&D Building
Entry to 1404 HQ Building
Entry to 1404 HQ Building
Entry to 1404 HQ Building
Entry to 1404 Building Garage Entry
I had my exercise today.

Be Safe Everyone!!!

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Microsoft Security Chief said "IE is not a browser!!!"


Beautiful Images

It is snowing ... I hate it but I have to admit it is beautiful.
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If you think you are beaten, you are.

“If you think you are beaten, you are
If you think you dare not, you don't,
If you like to win, but you think you can't
It is almost certain you won't.

If you think you'll lose, you're lost
For out of the world we find,
Success begins with a fellow's will
It's all in the state of mind.

If you think you are outclassed, you are
You've got to think high to rise,
You've got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.

Life's battles don't always go
To the stronger or faster man,
But soon or late the man who wins
Is the man WHO THINKS HE CAN!”


I hear this way too often. Don't go war if you know you cannot win. You go with the fight where you will win. If you win enough fight, you may already have won the war. So, stop telling me, our company is too small, too unknown. I retire and start new small company when I get there.

Happy Lunar New Year
Kenichi Uchikura


It is another cold morning.

The temperature dipped down to 20F.
It is very unusual for places like Settle to get this cold.

We are expecting another cold weather and snow tomorrow.


Exhibiting at a Trade Show in Japan

If you are in Japan, come see us at Otsuka Solution Fair in Tokyo.

大塚商会 実践ソリューションフェア2019 東京(2019年2月6日(水)~8日(金))で、アルファメール2として PSPinc のホスティングならびにウェブ開発ツールを紹介しています。ぜひ東京におられる方は起こしください。入場は無料です。



Snow Day 3

Ice Piller
No new snow.
Most snow on the roads are melting.
Finally the temperature is above freezing.

There are still a lot of ice everywhere.
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Snow Day 2

Non of the snow has melted ...
Temperature is still below freezing.
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Snow Day 2

There is no new snow but no snow has melted. It is still very cold out but not like north and mid east of the country. We have about 80% of people showed up. Our lunch today was Taiwanese from Cafe Ori in Bellevue. I hove it.
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Happy New Year!!!

This is a lunar new year day.
Listen to how you say "Happy New Year" in Chinese.




It is very quiet today.
Only few people showed up this morning.
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I am always impressed with NORDSTROM when it comes to integrating the Brock and Motor Stores and Online Stores. I happen walk through the store and found huge section of store is dedicated to the pick-up and return.

When the product is shipped t the store, there is no shipping charge ... It also bring people into their stores.
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A Fake Renewal Notice

86 Euro for Domain Renewal
Euro is the first clue.
This email is fake and not sent by PSPinc. If you read fine print, you will see this is a sales solicitation, but it appears like renewal notice. I am vey annoyed bytes email. What a cheap tactics!!! This makes me mad.
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Microsoft Surface Studio

Can you see Pompom?
I drew little Pompom on the Surface Studio at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue Square ... I kind of like this divide ... $4,000 ... Not cheap.
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Can We Build The Future Together?

Can we get together to raise money for the scholarship to 5 students at University of Washington, Foster School of Business to make sure we have a quality business people. Non of the money we raised is going to pay for the salaries of people working for PSPinc. In fact most of the money used to put on this tournament is donated by PSPinc.

Besides, this tournament has many reasons why people want to attend

(1) It is held at Aldarra Golf Course
(2) You can play in the scramble or individual
(3) Great lunch and dinner with drinks
(4) Meet other business people from all over the State.
(5) ... Silent Auction ... (New This Year!!!)

We have a date picked for our 2019 Golf Tournament, August 19th, 2019.
#UWFosterSchoolofBusiness #PSPinc #PSPChildrensFoundation


Communication Mixed Up

Communication is the key. This video shows how bad or lack of communication can cause serious problem.
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What a great idea!!!

City of Fukuoka turned old unused school buildings in to a cowering space for start ups. What a great idea!!!
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Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. 9

Bug, Money, and Dream
Dear Reader,

I always tell my R&D team to take care of business by focusing on fixing bugs, money, and dream in that order. I will explain what they mean.

The highest priority in developing and maintaining computer software and systems are to fix bugs when we find them. There are different levels of bugs we find. Of course, the highest priority is something that can bring down a system. Those bugs are call critical bugs. There are other less critical bugs. For instance, when buttons do not align, typos, and other bugs which have ways to work around. Never the less, we put a high priority on bug fixing.

The second priority is to bring revenue to the company. I hope I don’t have to explain why bringing revenue is important. Without revenue, the company will not function. So we put a high priority on the projects that bring revenue.

The third priority is what we call Dream. This is where we design and develop something new. We are always developing something new. We are currently developing a “Feedback System”, “Help Desk System” and “MP3 Audio Embed System” and “CRM + Collaboration + Task Tracking System” Called Pilot SBT (Small Business Tools). Those products are developed for our internal use and being refined as we spend more time. We are making them available to you as well in very limited bases.

We are not a reseller of products developed by others. We are the original manufacturer. That means we can modify, delete, and add any feature you want. We are always looking for business partners to push our products. If you have a product idea, please let us know. We will be happy to work with you develop and expand our dream.
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