Is this how this happened?

Jeff Bazos 1999
This is an inspiring picture.
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Bagels at PSPinc

I brought some bagels to the office this morning.
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It would have been Pompom's 16th birthday today.
I still miss him. I will always miss him.
I thank Pompom for 15 years and 4 months.


Mislabeled Product

English Label Reads 0.5mg
Japanese Label Reads 10.9g/100g

I thing English Label should say 0.5g to 0.5mg
Difference is 1,000 times.
I am trying to cut down on my salt intake. We bought this product based on the label saying Sodium 0.5mg ...


Creating CSV File from Address Book on Mac

Converting Address Book to CSV
Don't even have to export.
Numbers can export to CSV.
The absolutely easiest way to make CSV file from Address Book on Mac is not explained in many sites ... but I figured it out.

Open Address Book and select names (you can select all as well).
Drag and drop this names in Mac Numbers.
It will turn the list into spreadsheet format.
The use Numbers to export them to CSV or EXCEL.

This is super simple and if you are a Mac user, Numbers is a free app.


Responsive Web Design ... Why?

Website on iPhone
Responsive Web Design by PSPinc
Website on PC
Responsive Web Design by PSPinc
Did you know over 2/3 of visitors to your website are using smartphones like iPhone and Android pones? Is your website designed for those small screen sizes? If not, people will just leave your website.

The solution is to convert your website to what it is know as Responsive Web Design. By doing so, the website will adjust the font sizes and layout to make it easier to view and navigate on smaller screens.

Also all national companies website are built using Responsive Web Design. Let us take a look at your website and work with you to make it Responsive Web Design.
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Customer Support as a Business

When it comes to computer, internet and network, people need help. And we really need to consider seriously about customer support as a business. Can we create a better support organization? Can we make it affordable? Can we provide better technical capabilities? How do we do that?

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12 Choices That Lead To Beautiful Life

Nourish your body.
Do not compare yourself to others.
Create something.
Do one thing that your heart wants you to do.
Go for a run.
Take a walk.
Think of 5 things you are grateful for.
Get together with a friend.
Help someone.
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I checked ... So far this is not fake.

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Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreath is now hanging on the entrance to PSP HQ Building.
I picked it up at Costco today.
People at HQ ask me to pick it up every year ... So, I did it before being asked.
#Christmaswreath #PSPinc #valueproposition #marketing


Black Friday Sale ... Japanese Hearse

I have not seen Japanese hearse in the US ... Who imported it?
I do not see this type of hearse even in Japan any more nowadays.
It would have been good for Halloween.


Fake/Scam Website On Black Friday <- this is a scam website.
Do not go there.
If you think something is too good to be true, they are.
This is a scam.phishing site.



Low Salt and Potassium Diet

Brawn Rice and Steak and salad with Balsamic.
I am more concerned with salt and potassium intake than carbohydrates. I should not be eating a lot of protein either ... If you try to cut salt, potassium and protein for your kidney and cut down on your carbohydrates and sugar for your diabetes, there is not left for you to eat.


One More Week

After the dinner.
After the dinner.
Mayumi is on her way from India to Japan. It will be one more week before she comes back. Until then, I am taking care of Tiny and Nano. I wish Pompom were here as well.
#valueproposition #marketing #pspinc #pompomwashere


Red Hot Real Estate Market

My friend told me that his house was on the market for four months but did not close. Some of the new developments have empty rooms. The housing market is slowed down in Seattle already. There are many new cones being built ... I think they have missed the boat.


No SSL for Japanese Cabinet Web Page

You know the government is very sensitive about cyber security ... Well, hackers, Japanese government pages do not have SSL. Seriously. What are they thinking?


Check Out The Really Great Deals

If you are looking for something ... Please let me know. I will search the net and post it for you.
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Low Salt Meal

I had a Little Salad with Balsamic Vinegar as well.
I cannot think of better low salt meal than steak (no seasoning) with brown rice. I used balsamic and sriracha. It is very difficult to reduce salt intake when you eat out.


$3,000 Apple Mac Mini ... Are you kidding?

Apple is out of touch ... their pricing is completely idiotic. Don't get m wrong, I am a diehard Apple user. But the way it is going, they need to get their reality checked.

For instance, Apple wants to paid $1,400 to upgrade their 256G SSD to 2TB. You can get SAMSUNG 860 EVO Series 2.5" 2TB SATA III at Newegg for less than $300. This is just insane.

Apple Mac Mini Purchase Page

Newegg 2TB SSD Purchase Page
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Chinese Nuodle Shop in Bellevue



Phishing Email

This is an email ... It is not from Linked In
When you click on the link ...
The browser try to block you.
If you see the actual site, do not enter any data.
This is a fake email pretending to be a Linked In email.
Do not believe what it says.


Customer Feedback Program

PSPinc has created a customer relationship and employee collaboration system for small businesses called Pilot SBT. SBT stands for Small Business Tool. It is designed to provide everything a small businesses needs to keep track of communication with their customers. This tool is free for all PSPinc’s hosting customers.

In addition to the basic functions of Pilot SBT, we are planning to release many apps that help small businesses. The first app that we are releasing is the customer feedback program.

When you provide a service or customer support in the field, by telephone or even online - this program provides your staff the ability to send an email link to the customer asking them to evaluate the service that you provided. This simple form will take less than a minute to complete and provides your customer with a method to let you know how you did.

Customers can give their experience a good or bad rating. When you receive a bad rating, you immediately know what went wrong. This service is one of the most effective ways for you to keep in touch with your customers and encourage your staff to provide their best effort. We can customize the feedback form to suit your company's needs. All feedback will be recorded within that customer's section of Pilot SBT for your review and delivered to the necessary stakeholders via email.

If you are interested in using this feedback system, please let me know. We will wave the initial setup fee and have you online within a day. For more information, please contact me.
#PilotSBT #CustomerFeedback


Gifts for My Office

Suitcase full of gifts ... "Quantity with reasonable quality."
Those are the things I brought back from Japan as gifts to the office.
I did a lot of shopping at 100 yen shop and super market in Japan.
#valueproposition #pspinc


Pompom is on my parents' car in Japan

Pompom is now on my parents' car.
#pompomwashere #pompomishere


New Sign at Seattle-Tacoma Airport

Do you notice the new airline name is up on the sign ...
Yes, "Japan Airlines" is coming back to Seattle.

JAL is absent from Seattle since 1992 ... That is 26 years ago.
I used to fly JAL between Tokyo and Seattle when I came to Seattle for years.
#valueproposition #pspinc #JALSeattle


No Update Today ...

I have not organized anything from Japan trip yet.
I will update tomorrow.


New Plane

One of the reasons I booed on Asiana was to fly Airbus A350. The plane I took from Seattle was 777. Good airplane but I was little disappointed. But I finally was able to fly A350 today. It is only between Kansai and Inchon, 535 mile. I am happy.

I heard many airlines are retiring 777 and purchasing 350. BOEING needs to upgrade aging 777.


I am on my way back.

When you read this, I should be on my way back to Seattle.


From a picture to a drawing.

This drawing is done by hand on iPad with Pencil.
I have drawin many images of Pompom.

Since Pompom is gone, I am much more fre to move around. (I’d rather be with Pompom) I am thinking of coming to expand our market in Japan more often.


My Father is at Senior PC Usage Fair

My father is at the PC fair designed for senior citizens in Ashiya Japan.
There are more seniors (over 60) in Japan than people under 18 in Japan.
Carving for seniors are very much the talk of everything.

I recommended Bloguru to my father for senior PC users.
#valueproposition #pspinc #marketing


Business Attires

People are wearing suits and ties in Japan. No business casual here in Japan.


Fake Domain Renewal Notice

This is FAKE!!!
This is a fake email ... When you receive something like this, please ignore it. One way to make sure is to make sure the site the email takes you is at


KitKat in Japan

Did you know in Japan you can find many different kind of KitKat?
Which KitKat would you like to try???
#KitKatinJapan #valueproposition #marketing


Clear Message by Washington State Voters


Those are small steps but in the right direction.


Ikinari Steak ... Lunch 1800yen

450 gram of steak, rice, salad and soup for $15.
Cheap meat but but it is really cheap.


Western Breakfast in Japan

I has French toast and iced coffee this morning at the coffee shop. It costs 480 ye ... about $4.40

This is a good size and good price. Many coffee shops in Japan serve very simple breakfast ranging from just a toast to a toast and boiled egg to ham and egg sandwich for very reasonable price. The portion are not like US breakfast but it is goos and cheap.


Great Company, Great Dinner

I had one of the best dinner in Japan last night.
Our business partner, Otsuka Corporation, always look and find the unique and great dinner places in Tokyo. Last night was no exception.

We already find the great place to eat next time they come to Seattle.
#valueproposition #pspinc


Japanese Trail ... Almost always on time.

I paid 500yen more to get on the express train.
It is amazing how prompt Japanese trails are. I took train from Saitama to Tiokyo this morning.


Otsuka Corporation Golf Tournament

My main reason to come to Japan this time is to play at Otsuka Corporation Golf Tournament. This is one of the richest coir-pirate golf tournaments in Japan. I shou 88 ... My best ever. I got 29th place.


Japanese Convenience Store

Japanese convenience stores are so great. They are clean, good price, fast and they are everywhere. I wish we had them in the US.
#OnlyinJapan #JapaneseConvenienceStores


Tokyo at Night

Shinjyuku in the distance at night.
It is beautiful.



Hachiko Statue in the midfdle.
Shibuya Crossing
You have heard of Hachiko, Akita Dog.
And Shibutya crossing.
I was at Shibuya today for meeting.


Beautiful Morining in Tokyo

Mt. Fuji in the distance.
I took I this picture from my hotel room ... The buildings you see are diowntown Shinjyuku. If you look closely to your left, you can see Mt. Fuji in the distance.
Can you see it?


I did not fly A350 ... It was 777-200

I have arrived in Japan ... By the time I got the hotel, it was already passed 11:00pm.
It is a beautiful ornimng in Tokyo. I really have to plan to have a tour with my rounds from Seattle to Tokyo.


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