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【Food】~Food Market~

【Food】~Food Market~

First off, there is no pre-sale of food this year. All food items can be purchased at the venue when you feel like eating.

This year, there will be a Food Market along with the hot foods similar to last year. Just like last year, there will be:
  • Vegetable Yakisoba
  • Gyu-don (beef bowl)
  • Chef's Grilled Chicken Salad
  • Kara-age & Croquet
  • Edamame
  • Takoyaki

We know last year the food wasn't the best aspect of Japan Fair. That's why this year, a Japanese chef will partner with the kitchen to make sure the food tastes like it was made by a Japanese housewife.

In addition to the food made on site, there will be a "Food Market" which will feature several products from Japanese eateries. This year, we will have:

Of course, there will be drinks as well. Along with the popular Ramune Soda and Calpico, there will be Japanese tea, Japanese beer, and sake.

Please see our website for all the pictures of the food.

***Please Note***
Meydenbauer Center policy prohibits outside food/drink being brought to the Center. (Meydenbauer Centerの規程により、会場内へのご飲食物の持ち込みは禁止されています。)
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【Uwajimaya】~Market Place Booth~

【Uwajimaya】~Mar... 【Uwajimaya】~Mar...
【Uwajimaya】~Market Place Booth~

Welcome back, Uwajimaya! We're happy to have you again at Japan Fair!

Uwajimaya has been very supportive of Japan Fair for two years straight as one of our loyal sponsors.

At Japan Fair this year, we will be selling futomaki and inari sushi from Uwajimaya!

Did you know Uwajimaya has been around for 88 years? Their stores are a great place to get your hands on Japanese products and food.

Come by Uwajimaya's booth at Japan Fair 2017 to see their diverse lineup of products.

Uwajimaya is a family-owned and operated Asian specialty market in the Pacific Northwest featuring the freshest meat, produce, seafood and largest selection of Asian groceries and gifts.  Founded in 1928 as a small Japanese grocery store, Uwajimaya has grown to operate four pan-Asian grocery stores in Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, WA and Beaverton, OR.
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【Japan Fair 2016】~ Obento Presale ~

*Photos are gen... *Photos are generic and for reference only. *これらはイメージ写真で、イベント当日のものとは異なります。
Japan Fair 2016 is proudly offering Obento (お弁当)!

Your presale purchase makes admission and parking free to the public. Every purchase of an advance ticket will be entered for a chance to win a prize.

You could win...

Iwakuma & Aoki autographed merchandise!
Marriott Hotel package!
Restaurant gift certificate!
and more...

Buy your food/drink before the event day and receive a 5% discount.

Availability of the food/drink on the event day is very limited.

Beer (ビール) and Sake (酒) will be available for purchase on site both days!

Tickets are sold for Saturday and Sunday separately. The ticket is valid only on the date shown on your ticket.

Deadline for the advance food/drink tickets to win prizes is Aug 31st.

The advance food/drink tickets can be also purchased in person at
Bellevue Children's Academy <14640 NE 24th St, Bellevue, WA 98007> (Cash only).

Meydenbauer Center policy prohibits outside food/drink being brought to the Center. (Meydenbauer Centerの規程により、会場内へのご飲食物の持ち込みは禁止されています。)

Food/Drink tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable.

Purchase here on our Eventbrite Page:
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【The French Bakery】~ Raffle Sponsor ~

【The French Bak...
【The French Bakery】- Raffle Sponsor

Thank you The French Bakery for donating raffle items to Japan Fair!.

7" Black Forest Cake Certificate

7" Fresh Strawberry Cake Certificate

We are passionate about baking the best tasting pastries, breads and desserts every day to serve only the freshest food for our customers.

At the beginning of each morning, we combine the highest quality ingredients into our dough as we begin the process of making each individual pastry and bread. Our dedicated and determined team of bakers and chefs roll and cut every pastry and bread by hand.

As the ovens warm up, we begin baking each tray of dough and soon the nice aroma of butter, sweet fruits, cheeses and dough fill our bakery and cafe. We carefully select only the finest ingredients to make and serve the freshest, best-tasting food each and every day.

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【Pizzeria Pulcinella】~ Raffle Sponsor ~

【Pizzeria Pulci...
【Pizzeria Pulcinella】- Raffle Sponsor

Thank you Pizzeria Pulcinella for donating raffle items to Japan Fair!.

$30 Restaurant Gift Certificate

Our passion is Neapolitan Pizza. It has:

Tender dough prepared with soft wheat from southern Italy
Perfectly balanced Italian tomatoes
Luscious, fresh mozzarella
Fresh basil and extra virgin olive
Baked expertly in 70 - 90 seconds in our Valoriani (Italian, of course) wood fired oven

From this extraordinary but simple recipe the Pizza Margherita is created and forms the culinary palette which our expert pizzaioli create an almost endless variety of pizzas.

Pulcinella has been "certified Neapolitan" by the Verace Pizza Napolitana Association since 2009.

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【Nothing Bundt Cakes】~ Raffle Sponsor ~

【Nothing Bundt ...
【Nothing Bundt Cakes】- Raffle Sponsor

Thank you Nothing Bundt Cakes for donating raffle items to Japan Fair!.

8" Red Velvet Bundt Cake and 8" Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake (One for each day of the Japan Fair)

Celebrate a special occasion with Bundtinis, Bundtlets, or large Bundt cakes made to order. Choose from nine different flavors, including red velvet, white chocolate raspberry, and chocolate chocolate chip.

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【Kizuki Ramen and Izakaya】~ Raffle Sponsor ~

【Kizuki Ramen a...
【Kizuki Ramen and Izakaya】- Raffle Sponsor

Thank you Kizuki Ramen and Izakaya for donating raffle items to Japan Fair!.

Five $20 Restaurant Gift Certificates

With five locations in the Seattle area, including Bellevue and Capitol Hill, Kizuki Ramen and Izakaya (formerly Kukai) serves delicious bowls of ramen, including Shio, Shoyu, and Tonkotsu, as well as izakaya dishes and donburi.

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【WA'S Kitchen LLC 】~ Arts & Culture ~

【WA'S Kitchen L... 【WA'S Kitchen L...
【WA'S Kitchen LLC 】- Arts & Culture Booth

Kaiseki chef, Hiro Tawara will be demonstrating beautiful presentation of Assortment of Appetizer (Hassun) to introduce "Kaiseki", one of the most beautiful Japanese food culture.

With more than 10 years of experiences working in several Kaiseki restaurants in Kyoto, he moved to Seattle and worked for several famous Japanese restaurants in Seattle.

In 2015, he started up his own company "WA'S Kitchen LLC" and is now doing "Kaiseki" private dinners and catering business to pursue his mission, "creating Northwest Kaiseki only available in Seattle which is made of local ingredients from Northwest by using traditional Kaiseki cooking technique."

His monthly event at Pike Place Market, "The beauty of Kaiseki" is now a very popular event and tickets are gone very quickly.

Hiro Tawara
Kaiseki Chef
WA'S Kitchen LLC

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【naka】~ Raffle Sponsor ~

【naka】~ Raffle ... 【naka】~ Raffle ... Chef Shota Nakajima Chef Shota Nakajima
【naka】- Raffle Sponsor

Thank you naka for donating raffle items and also $500 to Japan Fair and being a Bronze Sponsor!.

Five $100 Restaurant Gift Certificates

Chef Shota Nakajima


Chef Shota Nakajima, of Capitol Hill’s Naka restaurant, offers a modern interpretation of Kaiseki- Japan’s traditional tasting experience, which focuses on progressive small plates of seasonal products with a stunning visual presentation. Growing up in Seattle in a Japanese family, Shota’s point of view is influenced by his mother’s homemade cooking coupled with his focus on ingredients from the Pacific Northwest.

Shota began cooking in Seattle-area Japanese restaurants in his teens and fell in love with all aspects of restaurant life. At age 18, he moved to Osaka, Japan to learn the depth of his native culture and to attend Tsuji Culinary Arts School, one of Japan’s most prestigious. Following graduation, Shota had the opportunity to apprentice under Michelin Star Chef, Yasuhiko Sakamoto. When Shota returned to Seattle, he worked for Chef Taichi Kitamura at Sushi Kappo Tamura in 2011 and 2012.

In 2014, he opened his own catering business, Kappo Kitchen, and in December, he won the Seattle round of the World Washoku Challenge 2014. With great anticipation from fans of his beautiful, stylized Japanese cooking, Shota opened Naka in June of 2015.

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