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【Seattle GO Center】~Community Friends Booth~

【Seattle GO Cen... 【Seattle GO Cen...
【Seattle GO Center】~Community Friends Booth~

There are two traditional board games in Japan; shogi and igo. While shogi is known as Japanese chess, igo is commonly known as go.

Even though go has really simple rules, there are more number of ways to play it than there are atoms in the visible universe.

Learn to play the Asian strategy game of Go face to face for free at Seattle GO Center's booth, or at their Center, which is in Seattle’s University District on 45th St. near I-5.
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【JCCCW】~Community Friends Booth~

【JCCCW】~Community Friends Booth~

What does JCCCW stand for? Good question. It stands for Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington! Welcome back to Japan Fair!

JCCCW is an organization that is committed to preserving, promoting, and sharing Japanese and Japanese American culture and heritage. They do so by creating, funding, and supporting multicultural and inter-generational education that celebrates diversity, art, culture, and language. They honor both the contributions and the challenges of the Pacific Northwest Issei and Nisei generations by offering publications, family legacy projects, and the Northwest Nikkei Museum.

They even run a Japanese Resale Shop called Hosekibako which means treasure chest in Japanese! I'm sure you can find a lot of treasures there.

Come see them at Japan Fair again this year!

The Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington is a lively, intergenerational gathering place and destination in the Pacific Northwest, where people of all backgrounds learn Japanese language and traditional arts, celebrate Japanese and Japanese American history and culture, and build intercultural understanding.
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【Music of Remembrance】~Community Friends Booth~

【Music of Remem... 【Music of Remem...
【Music of Remembrance】~Community Friends Booth~

Founded in 1998, Music of Remembrance (MOR) fills a unique cultural role in Seattle and throughout the world by remembering the Holocaust through music with concert performances, educational programs, recordings, and commissions of new works.

For the 2017 year, their focus will be based on the wartime experiences of Japanese and Japanese-Americans. Come to Music of Remembrance's booth at Japan Fair 2017 to learn more about their organization and performances.


About Music of Remembrance

Music of Remembrance (MOR) is a Seattle-based non-profit organization established in 1998 to remember the Holocaust through music. We are not a religious organization, and believe that our mission calls on us to act on the Holocaust’s lessons by also focusing on the experience of others who have been excluded or persecuted for their ethnicity, nationality, faith, gender or sexuality.

Each year we present three major concerts at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall, and since 2015 we have also performed annually in San Francisco. We combine these concerts with educational and community awareness events. We have produced seven CD recordings that bring our work to a worldwide audience, and our second documentary film has been screened at festivals on four continents.

Many of the works we perform are by Holocaust-era composers who had the courage to continue creating even in the face of oppression, and by others who dared to speak out through their art against injustice. Each year, we also commission and premiere new works from some of today’s leading composers, telling stories that help remind us all how important and relevant the Holocaust’s lessons are in our own times.

The Holocaust’s lessons call on us to reflect on the impact of all wars on their civilian victims. The focus of MOR’s 2017-18 season will be the premieres of works that we have commissioned from three composers about Japanese and Japanese-American wartime experience.

  1. For decades, Ryuichi Sakamoto has had a unique impact in Japan and around the world as a composer, musician, film actor and peace activist. He has created a setting based on musical elements from his film Nagasaki Memories of My Son for Kiyoke Nagase’s deeply moving poem “Snow Falls” in an English translation by the Empress Michiko. Mr. Sakamoto will also be creating a new work for performance at our concerts in May 2018.

  2. Keiko Fujiie’s Wilderness Mute is a 20-minute song cycle for soprano and baritone with violin, clarinet, cello and double bass. The work sets texts in English translation by victims and survivors of the atomic bombs and makes an eloquent statement about the urgency of preventing nuclear war. Ms. Fujiie, a Nagasaki native and one of Japan’s most noted and frequently-performed composers, has been honored twice with the NHK Symphony Orchestra’s coveted Otaka Prize.

  3. Seattle-based composer Christophe Chagnard will create a work that focuses on the experience of Japanese- Americans forced to internment camps during World War II. The work’s title, Gaman, refers to the struggle to endure the unbearable with patience and dignity. It combines traditional Japanese and classical Western instruments, a narrator/singer, and visual projections. The powerful story is brought to life through the compelling imagery and haunting testimony of artists Takuichi Fujii and Kamekichi Tokita.

MOR’s core instrumental ensemble, drawn from the ranks of the Seattle Symphony, includes some of our region’s leading performers, joined by international-class guest soloists. We seek to attract a broadly varied audience, with programming that combines serious classical music with works in more popular and accessible styles. We try to involve people of all generations in our work, and in 2005 we established an award offering talented young musicians under 18 the opportunity to perform with us.

We will premiere Fujiie’s Wilderness Mute and Sakamoto’s Snow Falls on November 5, 2017 at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall, and Chagnard’s Gaman and Sakamoto’s new piece at our concert on May 20, 2018 at the same venue. These works will be reprised at our concert at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music on May 24, 2018. We also hope to bring the music to audiences in Japan, and to prepare professional-quality audio and video recordings suitable for world-wide distribution.

Music of Remembrance (MOR)は、音楽を通してホロコーストの惨禍を人々の記憶に残すために1998年にワシン トン州シアトルで設立された非営利団体です。MORは宗教団体ではなく、ホロコーストや、信仰、国籍、民 族、性別や性的嗜好によって差別や迫害を受けた全ての人々の経験から学び、行動を起こすために音楽を通し て人々に働きかけることを使命としています。

設立以来、MORは毎年シアトルのベナロヤホールで主要なコンサートを開催しておりますが、2015年からは サンフランシスコでも毎年公演を行っています。また、コンサートだけでなく、教育活動やコミュニティでの アウェアネスを高めるためのイベントも随時開催しています。MORはこれまでに7枚のCDによって世界中に その活動を発信しており、そのドキュメンタリー映像はこれまで4大陸の様々なフェスティバルで上映されて います。

MORが上演する作品の多くは、弾圧下にあっても創作活動をする勇気を持ち続けたホロコースト時代の作曲 家や、他の芸術の形で社会正義を訴えた人々によるものですが、それだけではなく、毎年著名な現代の作曲家 に対しても作品の委嘱や初演によって、ホロコーストからの学びや、今日の世界においてのその直接的な関連 性を音楽を通して人々に訴えています。

この19年間のホロコーストからの学びを題材とした活動を通して、MORは全ての戦争で犠牲になった一般の 市民の人々についても深く考えるようになりました。MORにとって活動20周年となる2017-18年のシーズンで は、日本人と日系アメリカ人の戦時中の体験をベースにした新作を3人の著名な作曲家に委嘱し、初演を行い ます。

  1. 作曲家、音楽家、映画俳優、平和活動家として、何十年にもわたり、日本や世界の音楽シーンに独自 の大きなインパクトを与え続けている坂本龍一氏が、長崎の原爆を題材にした映画「母と暮らせば」 の楽曲をMORのためにアレンジして下さいました。これは、氏が選ばれた永瀬清子氏の深く感動的な 詩「降りつむ」と、美智子皇后様によるその美しい英訳( “Snow Falls”) の朗読と共に演奏されます。坂 本氏は、2018年5月のMORのコンサートで演奏する室内楽も新たに書き下ろして下さる予定です。

  2. 藤家渓子氏による“Wilderness Mute”(荒野の沈黙)は、ソプラノとバリトンのための20分間のソングサ イクルで、バイオリン、クラリネット、チェロ、ダブルベースの伴奏が付きます。この作品は、長崎 の被曝者による詩の英訳のテキストを用い、核戦争防止の緊急性を雄弁に訴える内容です。藤家氏は 長崎のご出身で、日本でも著名な作曲家の一人として多くの楽曲を様々な場で提供してご活躍され、 NHK交響楽団の名誉ある尾高賞も2度受賞されています。

  3. シアトル在住のクリストフ・シャニャール(Christophe Chagnard)氏は、第二次世界大戦中の日系人 強制収容所の経験にフォーカスした作品「我慢」(”Gaman”)をMORに提供して下さることになって います。「我慢」とは、耐えがたい経験を、忍耐と威厳をもって耐える努力を意味します。この作品 では映像が多用され、伝統的な日本の楽器と西洋のクラシック音楽の楽器、そしてナレーター/歌手 が一体となって、画家であったフジイ・タクイチ氏とトキタ・カメキチ氏の収容所での経験を、彼ら の描いた説得力のあるビジュアルと忘れがたい証言を通して紡ぎあげます。

MORのアーティストは主にシアトル・シンフォニーの演奏家で構成されており、そのベースにこの地域のト ップアーティストや、世界的に有名なゲストのソロイストを迎えて、一流の音楽を提供しています。また、ク ラシック音楽とポピュラーでアクセスしやすい音楽とを組み合わせ、様々な年齢層から成る幅広いオーディエ ンスの方々に音楽を通してメッセージをお伝えしたいと願っています。その一環として、地元の18歳未満のア ーティストにMORのコンサートで演奏する機会を提供する賞「デビッド・トンコノグイ・メモリアル・アワ ード」を2005年から実施しています。

藤家氏の“Wilderness Mute”(荒野の沈黙)および坂本氏の「降りつむ」(“Snow Falls”)は、2017年11月5日にシア トル市内のベナロヤホールで初演、また、シャニャール氏の「我慢」(”Gaman”)および坂本氏の新作は同じ 会場で2018年5月20日に初演されます。これらの作品は2018年5月24日にサンフランシスコ音楽院で再演予定で す。近い将来にこれらの作品を日本でも公演し、録音や録画を行って世界的に提供することができたら素晴ら しいと考えております。どうぞMORの活動をご支援いただけますようよろしくお願い申し上げます。

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【Banshu Soroban・Daiichi】~Community Friends Booth~

【Banshu Soroban... 【Banshu Soroban...
【Banshu Soroban・Daiichi】~Community Friends Booth~

Banshu Soroban (Japanese Wiki) is a kind of abacus made mainly in Ono city of Hyogo, Japan. They have a history of over 400 years and account for 70% of all the abacuses in Japan.
Daiichi Corp. has been making Banshu Soroban since 1909.

At Japan Fair 2017, Banshu Soroban・Daiichi's booth will allow Japan Fair visitors to make their own abacus!
Sign up for the workshop by emailing Tetsuya Sano at info@step-education.com. Learn more by reading their flyer.

The Banshu Soroban has a history of more than 400 years.
Daiichi Corp. is an abacus making business established in 1909.
You can experience making your abacus at Japan Fair.
We will introduce the new abacus at Japan Fair.
Please come to Banshu Soroban & Daiichi Corp.'s booth.
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【Kenjinkai】~Community Friends Booth~

【Kenjinkai】~Community Friends Booth~

We would like to welcome back Kenjinkai to Japan Fair!

Kenjinkai 県人会 is a gathering of people from certain prefectures in Japan. All of the people are those who live outside the prefecture or even the country. At the Kenjinkai, the people from the prefectures are able to talk to each other about the prefecture they're all from, and understand each other because they come from the same prefecture.

For those of you who have been to Japan, who have lived in Japan for some time, or who have any interest in the variety of cultures in the prefectures of Japan, come by Japan Fair 2017 to learn more about each prefecture!

There are 17 local Kenjinkai in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area.  Please stop by our booth for more information.  We represent Fukushima, Hiroshima, Fukuoka,Kumamoto, Kagoshima, Okinawa, Shizuoka, Kishu/Wakayama, Ohmi/Shiga, Yamaguchi, Yamanashi, Kyotojin, Okayama, Hokkaido, Kobe, Shimane,Chiba.
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【Sugamo Advance School】~Community Friends Booth~

【Sugamo Advance... 【Sugamo Advance...
【Sugamo Advance School】~Community Friends Booth~

Sugamo Advance School will be joining us at Japan Fair 2017!

Sugamo offers Japanese lessons to students of all ages and levels. Along with teaching Japanese, they help Japanese students test into schools in Japan, introduce Japanese culture to all the students through Japanese activities and events, and give lessons to the parents on their educational values.

Come to Japan Fair 2017 and stop by Sugamo Advance School's booth to learn more about their programs!

Sugamo advance school offers Japanese lessons for all levels. 
We also specializes in entrance exam test prep for students preparing to enter the Japanese education system from middle school to university.
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【ICC Consultants】~Community Friends Booth~

【ICC Consultant... 【ICC Consultant...
【ICC Consultants】~Community Friends Booth~

Welcome back to Japan Fair, ICC Consultants!

Since last year, Japan Fair has had volunteers from ICC help run the show! Without the volunteers, Japan Fair 2016 wouldn't have been as great as it was. We're getting help from them this year as well to provide a very enjoyable event for everyone who comes!

ICC is known to bring Japanese students and interns into the US, but did you know that they send interns into Japan as well? Since 2011, they've been sending interns from the US to Japan. Learn more at their website!

Established in 1973, ICC Consultants is an international study consulting company, headquartered in Tokyo, offering an array of international exchange programs. ICC's commitment to excellence, and unique approach to exchange study programs continues to earn the trust of over one thousand participants annually.

ICC English Website
ICC 日本語 ウェブサイト
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【Hyogo Business and Cultural Center】~Community Friends Booth~

【Hyogo Business... 【Hyogo Business...
【Hyogo Business and Cultural Center】~Community Friends Booth~

We would like to welcome back Hyogo Business and Cultural Center to Japan Fair!

Habatan flocked around at Japan Fair last year and intrigued the visitors. What is Habatan? Habatan is a yuru-kyara of Hyogo Prefecture.
Habatan can be spotted at Japan Fair 2017, so come find him and get a picture taken together!

Did you know that Hyogo Prefecture and Washington State are sister states? Do you know what a sister state is? Similar to sister cities, sister states promote the culture and commercial ties of each other.

The Hyogo Business and Cultural Center was founded by the Hyogo Prefectural Government in 1990 to strengthen the sister state relationship between the State of Washington and Hyogo, Japan. We assist business activities between the regions, cultural programs, and promote Japanese language education.
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【The Historic Hori Family Bath House at the Neely Mansion】~Community Friends Booth~

【The Historic H... 【The Historic H...
【The Historic Hori Family Bath House at the Neely Mansion】~Community Friends Booth~

We would like to welcome back Neely Mansion and the Historic Hori Family Bath House to Japan Fair!

Back in 1930, the Hori family brought a tradition of Japanese life on the farm to the Neely property of the Green River Valley.

The 10’ by 16’ small wooden building was divided into two rooms for washing and bathing. The building was restored by the Neely Mansion Association in 2016, and can be seen behind the Neely Mansion.

Japanese families in the Green River Valley built small bathhouses for use after a hard day of labor on their farms. The newly restored Hori Bathhouse (furoba), constructed in 1930, is a one-story wood frame structure, measuring 10' by 16'.  The interior is divided into 2 rooms; the first room was used for laundry, and a soaking tub (furo) was located in the back room.

Located directly behind Neely Mansion, 12303 SE Auburn-Black Diamond Road, Auburn WA  98092.  Public tours of the gated Bathhouse, Mansion and gardens take place during Summer Tours and other events.  Please check our website or Facebook pages for dates and times.
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【Sagalingua Language】~Community Friends Booth~

【Sagalingua Lan... 【Sagalingua Lan...
【Sagalingua Language】~Community Friends Booth~

We are pleased to welcome Sagalingua Language to Japan Fair 2017!

Want to learn a new language? Want to get better at a language? Learn the culture as well with one-on-one private lessons at Sagalingua Language! 英語を習いたい?英語をもっと上達させたい?サガリンガの個人レッスンで文化と共に英語を習おう!

Sagalingua Language & Culture Coaching is a women-owned, small business in the Eastside, conveniently located close to Bellevue downtown. It was founded by Sandri Richardson, originally from South Africa, and Galia Dadiomova, originally from Russia, who both immigrated to the US 18 years ago. Because of their own experiences, they started Sagalingua to help other immigrants adjust to their new environment, engage in their community, and learn new language skills.

Sagalingua provides language and culture coaching, for adults and children, in 14 languages, taught by native teachers: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Polish, Serbian, Hungarian and Afrikaans. We specialize in one-on-one private lessons and small groups of up to 4 students.

We accept email inquiries in all 14 languages and can provide a translator to help with the initial appointment if necessary. We also offer free language level assessments and allow new moms to bring their babies with them to class.

Sagalingua wants to promote understanding and a sense of community between people from many different cultures. Students can join our monthly international book club or participate in monthly field trips to interesting local places like Bellevue Arts Museum, go blueberry picking, or attend a Mariners baseball game.

Our tagline is: Sagalingua – We Speak Your Language!






Sagalingua Website
Sagalingua Facebook
Sagalingua Yelp
Japan Fair Website
Japan Fair Facebook
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